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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How much would the 3DS have sold if it didn't have 3D?

MMMMMHHH I like the 3D - but I am ready for Nintendo HD(S).


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Salnax said:
The 3D effect has helped, but without it, Nintendo would likely have been able to launch the system at $200 instead of $250, and we'd have the system for no more than $150 for a standard model by now. And although the 3D effect can make a game really work, more often than not a game can either forgo 3D or focus on an aspect that does not require it. Remember, the best selling game on the 3DS, Pokemon X/Y, can only use 3D some of the time.

Without the 3D effect, I think the 3DS would have had a better launch, but would have slowed down a bit around late 2011 before picking up speed again. It would today be at around 85% of IRL sales.

The 3DS wouldn't have games like:

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Kingdom Hearts 3D

Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D

Resident evil Revelations

King of Pirates (trilogy)

Mega Man Legends 3 (canceled)

Paper Mario Sticker Star

Indie games like Jett Rocket 2 & Mutant Mudds & etc. etc. etc.

Dillon's rolling Western & Sakura Samurai & Ketzal's Corridors & the like wouldn't even exist.

Monster Hunter 4 (never coming to Wii U)

And many other exclusive titles. (but still not all of them)

fedfed said:
MMMMMHHH I like the 3D - but I am ready for Nintendo HD(S).

So Wii U or Nintendo's 2018 Handheld?

I knew Kaizar was going to come and defend 3D ;)

Kaizar said:
fedfed said:
MMMMMHHH I like the 3D - but I am ready for Nintendo HD(S).

So Wii U or Nintendo's 2018 Handheld?

2018H -


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Squeezol said:
I knew Kaizar was going to come and defend 3D ;)

You know I'm right.



The 2DS came out October 12 with Pokémon X & Y and only sold 30% of the 3DS family from October 12 to December 31st 2013.

The 2DS from January 1st to May 31st 2014 only sold 20% of the 3DS family, even though it was sold at $99 at all retailers long before that part of the year was over.

It has been estimated by many, that somewhere around 85% of 3DS owners ages 13 & up, use 3D on their 3DS/3DS XL.

There are only 2 places in the world where 3D has a problem succeeding: United States & United Kingdom.

Fact: 3-D gives way more clearity & anti-aliasing in image quality, then the crappy HD gimmick could ever accomplish at 4K HD 2D.

Fact: the 3DS has at least 120 million polygons with way more better Textures & Shader Abilities then the Wii.

Fact: the 3DS has somewhere from over 50 to over 100 shader cores.

Fact: the 3DS has a 1 GHz Micro GPU that won the GPU of the Year Award of 2010 (according to Nintendo themselves), underclock at 400 MHz by its 2-core 1GHz CPU with extreme efficiency that also focuses on more synthesis then any other CPU is known for doing, which might still be an understatement. The E3 2010 3DS only had a 2-core 268 MHz CPU that was only powerful enough to clock a 200 MHz Micro GPU @ 200 MHz.

Well I think it would have sold the same. If they took away the 3D... the audience that wants 3D at least sometimes and thinks its neat would not be there. But the people who bitch and don't realize that there's a slider to turn it down would be there. So no more no less

I use the 3D all the time and enjoy taking 3d pictures.

People really want Nintendo to not be Nintendo.

I never use the 3D, so if they had used money on either a better battery or a little more power instead, it would have been better for me.
I am not sure if it would have had an impact on the sales though.

I certainly lost interest in the 3DS as soon as I heard about its 3D Focus. I bought it despite (!) 3D after KH3D came out and after some tryouts I always play without 3D. For me it is as useless as the stylus controls because both do not offer anything valuable for my personal gaming tastes (well, the stylus controls work with games like Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton... but it ruined "normal" games for me. I had a hard time with TWEWY for example.)

One can quote the 2DS as a source that the 2D version is not that desired, but for me it simply has an ugly design... I bought the 3DS instead despite not wanting the 3D feature.