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Splatoon 374 56.75%
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker 136 20.64%
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse 17 2.58%
Devil's Third 68 10.32%
Mario Party 10 16 2.43%
Mario Maker 48 7.28%

Still waiting for the announcement of General Toadette: Treasure finding for men

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Splatoon looks like it'll be awesome to play with my roommates.

I picked splatoon, that game looks like it will be incredibly fun.

Splatoon has me interested in a genre that I never thought I'd enjoy again due to the extreme violence and gore.

Devil's Third

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Easily Splatoon! It seems to be a very original game and online multiplayer will be tons of fun!

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Yoshi's Wooly world. But since its not a choice in the poll, I'll pick Splatoon.


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Had to be Yoshi's Woolly World for me. As a long time Yoshi's Island fan, it's clearly the true sequel the game deserves. And that beautiful art style!

i also really liked the look of Kirby's rainbow Curse.

Not sold totally on Splatoon and Captain Toad yet as full price experiences, but they look fun.


Edit: why leave Yoshi off the poll? Am cry.

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Wiped said:

Edit: why leave Yoshi off the poll? Am cry.

Its not a new announced game!

We already saw it before.

Thats the reason why Bayonetta 2 isnt there either!

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If zelda doesn't count, I have to go with splatoons or toad treasure hunter. I'm looking forward to both of these games.

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