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MohammadBadir said:

Shit looks tight... Except Girly Link...

Yeah when Link first ripped off his hood, I thought at first maybe it was Zelda.  I actually hope you can play as Zelda as well...

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AnthonyW86 said:
Well we all know it's not going to look like that, why do they always release these polished up screenshots?

Yeah, we know it's gonna look better!

This is Nintendo we're talking about, mate!

Looks beautiful and definitely I like the idea of being able to explore everything, even the further away mountains.


this would have earn respect for Nintendo after so much dissapointment :/


Xxain said:

Link has a great design. Hopefully were not forced to wear green garb. I know it may be a pipe dream but they claim this Zelda is about breaking traditions.

"Breaking traditions" probably means to rip out the rest of what made Zelda Zelda in the first place. From the little I could gather (thanks to garbage Twitch), Aonuma spoke of puzzles on the way to the place you want to go.

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I wonder if people are going to blame the "cartoony" look again, if the game doesn't perform to whatever expectations some people have, like it was the case with Wind Waker.

Personally I aboslutely love the look, possibly the best looking artstyle for a Zelda to date.

AnthonyW86 said:
Well we all know it's not going to look like that, why do they always release these polished up screenshots?

They actually never do.

This could of course be the first time Nintendo made bullshots, but don´t spread misinformation.

Not what I would have imagined, but looks amazing just the same. It's just too bad that so many people have been trained in this HD generation of ours, that "dark + 'gritty' = realistic". Those landscapes still look pretty damn "realistic" to me. And this just tells me two things:

1. Wii U is just as powerful as I thought it was capable of being.

2. Regardless of how gorgeous this looks, just like MK8, you're never going to stop hearing whiners/complainers/trolls go on incessantly about how it looks "ugly" or "unimpressive", etc. etc. etc. etc.

But hey. Fuck the haters. This first glimpse was awesome.


P.S. ALL footage shown today was confirmed to be in-game engine footage. So put the dumbass speculation to bed: yes, it actaully will look like that, or better. Also, people shitting their pants over how "bright and colorful" it were given footage of a BRIGHT DAYTIME scene from the game. There will, unquestionably, be day-to-night in this game, and thus dark night scenes as well, not to mention plenty of dungeons that are destined to be dark/brooding to boot. So pull your panties back up folks, you'll get your fill of browns and grays in there somewhere, I'm sure.

toot1231 said:

i hate looking at these it saddens me



now i have to wait another 5 years and hope ill get a dark zelda.

Enjoy waiting while everyone else enjoys the hell out of this.

What? No dark link art style? PASHAW!

We all know that the ART STYLE is what makes Zelda games fun to play! What will my imaginary friends think of me when they see me playing a game without an unfitting omnipresent dark theme for the story in which they are portraying?!

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