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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Stunning Zelda screenshots direct from Nintendo

Looks amazing.

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And those ar 1080p screenshots too... Am I being hopeful? ^^

Well we all know it's not going to look like that, why do they always release these polished up screenshots?

open world, and the art style is easily the best art style of any zelda game. I'm so excited:)


Can't wait!!!!


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Looks like the Original Zelda has finally returned in 3D

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Thank you Ben. This art is super strong, I'm preferring this new choice. Hopefully the game makes good choices with play design too.
I love expressive Link.

So we sort of got to see a new Team Ico game anyway.

Surprised to see some of the negative reaction to Link. I really like his new look

Also the rumors of Skyrim being an influence are clearly true. I wonder if Links clothing will be customizable

Link has a great design. Hopefully were not forced to wear green garb. I know it may be a pipe dream but they claim this Zelda is about breaking traditions.