Forums - Gaming Discussion - wow ubisoft blew microsoft and ea out of the water!

lmao Sony and Ninty gonna beat Ubi easily

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Yup, best presser so far. Good job, Ubi.

I disagree.

Microsoft > Ubisoft >> EA so far in my books.


Ubisoft had a good amount of content. Nice variety, not the best but still pretty entertaining. Xbox was the best so far though but i expect that to change 

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Disagree, but to each their own.
MS > UBISOFT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> EA

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Are you serious? Well whatever it's your opinion. For me it's MS>Ubisoft>>>>>>EA

EA sure... Microsoft I do not think so. Maybe for non-Xbox centric fans because they do not care about some of the content MS showed but overall MS presentation was really good.

At the same time, I admit that Ubisoft got a very good one too, esp. that Rainbow Six: Siege... OMG finally!
I would put the 2 conference at the same level... With EA WAY WAY WAY behind...

Edit: so far in the thread the majority of people seem to go for MS > Ubi > EA... Well, I would say that because of Rainbow Six, my hype went rooof top but yah I agree with that order too... :)

I thought it was the worst by far. Way too much talking. Throwing around F-bombs just for the sake of trying to sound manly and mature. Valiant Hearts was the only interesting looking game.

Microsoft only had 1 interesting looking game too, but it was trailer after trailer with no filler.

EA had 0 good games, but again trailer after trailer, and the surprise 64 PS4s for people to play right away was a cool touch.

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Seriously? There was one surprise (which wasn't too exciting) and a lot of the conference was full of Dancing/Fitness crap. Microsoft easily has the lead right now...

If there had been Beyond Good and Evil 2. Would have been Ubi > MS without any mention of EA.....

But due to Ubisoft not showing that game...MS wins this one.