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Forums - Sports Discussion - Fifa World Cup 2014: Winner?


Who will win the World Cup?

Brazil 71 29.71%
Italy 12 5.02%
Germany 39 16.32%
Uruguay 7 2.93%
Argentina 31 12.97%
England 11 4.60%
France 3 1.26%
Spain 28 11.72%
Other, please comment 37 15.48%


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germany... podolski+ großkreuz will carry this home(its all about an iron will)

USA if they make it out of the group of death lol.

USA because lulz

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I'm gonna guess spain. I think Netherlands dont stand a chance. Hope you are not a fan of our country's football team Kirby!!! MUHAHAUHAHAUA!

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belgium or spain

Damagon said:

who painted Maradonas nails and shaved his chest?

I'm going to have to be more nationalistic then realistic here and say Belgium.

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historically, american countries win in america an europeans in europe(in most cases)
i would bet in an american country. Brazil would be a good choice.