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Forums - Sales Discussion - Are MK8 numbers more impressive than WD??


Which is more impressive?

Mario Kart 8, obviously. 336 62.92%
You made this soooooo bad :P 27 5.06%
Can't decide. 43 8.05%
Zero999 said:

Mario kart was more impressive because it launched with huge numbers even though it's not a front loaded IP. it should outsell watch dogs in the long run.

WD is a new franchise, you can't tell if it will be front loaded yet. I think too that MK could show longer legs, but it's too early to tell for sure.
A curious thing about WD, BTW: some people that were too hyped about it ended up being a little disappointed, I wasn't hyped at all and when I watched people playing it I found it a decent and amusing game (although nothing to call home about). I found particularly amusing  watching a little girl playing it, she was at most 8 and she was talking with her dad with a gentle and flutelike voice while she was ruthlessly ramming a police car sending it to crash on a lamppost! 

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watch dogs of course
new ip
boycott from some pc gamers and manage to survive
thats pretty impresive

new IP is irrelevant when your main audience is mainstreamers who feed on hype and media attention (look how Avatar became the biggest movie ever) and they are starving right now (no games to play since well new system) and WatchDogs had ALOT of hype + its a GTA style game and GTA5 sold like hotcakes and the newgen userbase really wants a GTA style game (GTA5 would be prefered tho xD)

boycott from PC gamers? Never heard of that and I am a PC gamer. (you mean Uplay or what?) Also how does this affect PS4 X1 sales in any way? Its like saying PS4 and X1 owners boycott WiiU which would then result in a PRO for MarioKart8 as your "PC gamers boycotting WatchDogs" is a PRO for WatchDogs.

So I see no "of course" at all. Its still debatable and we need to gather all information and take all aspects into consideration. (like action genre has more potential buyers than fun racer etc)   comparing two numbers just does not make any sense.

1.84m on PS4
1.12m on wiiu

No way about it, WD is far more impressive.

Hedra42 said:

As this thread has demonstrated, it seems impossible to say for sure which is the more impressive, there are far too many different factors at hand.

Watch Dogs has set a new industry sales record for launch of a new IP. That, to me, is impressive. MK8 has sold 1.2 million in its first weekend on a single console that has a user base of 6 million. To me, that is equally impressive.

Both have shifted consoles; it could be argued that MK8 shifting WiiU consoles was a more difficult task, but then MK8 has the weight of a huge franchise behind it.

4 million over several consoles in a week versus 1.2 million on one console on launches staggered over 4 days can't be compared - it's apples and oranges. Likewise, the current attach rates can't be compared yet, because of Watch Dogs's head-start.

I think a few months are needed before I could say for sure which impressed me more.

Three and a half weeks in, and after some adjustments - WD was adjusted down by 600k and MK8 adjusted down by just under 100k on the May 31 figures. So that's 3.4 million for WD on 4 consoles + PC and 1.1 million for MK8 on one console. 

In the first week, despite only being out for a few days, MK8 outsold individually WD (360), WD (PS3) and WD (X1). From Week 2 onwards, MK8 has outsold WD on every individual platform. Looking at the latest figures, (June 21) WD has increased by 1.2 million to 4.6 million across the 4 consoles, and MK8 has increased by  0.7 million to 1.8 million on one console (subject to future adjustments, of course) closing the gap by 0.5 million. (WD for PC not included in June 21 calculation as it has dropped out of the top 75)

At this stage, (according to my maths) attach rates for latest gen are MK8 (Wii U)28%, WD (PS4) 25%, WD (X1) 21%.

It will be interesting to see how things continue to pan out over the coming months.