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Rafux said:
"Win" E3 is a subjective term

True, it's just a matter of opinion. Sony could shot TLG, while Microsoft could show everything they have, and some people will say Sony won because in their opinion TLG > everything Microsoft showed.

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Well it all depends on how you look at it and which games you prefer. For some, showing Halo 7 in an automatic win for MS, no matter what Sony will show. For me and Uncharted 4 with eyeball melting graphics will be enough to give the win to Sony.

But hopefully both companies will drop some bombs at E3 as there isn't much to look forward too on both systems...

WhiteEaglePL said:
you know.......with halo 5 from Microsoft and that rumoured halo 2 remastered thing......

they may actually imo.

in fact,thinking about it, I wouldn't be too surpsised to be honest.

would aslo be interesting to see the impact of that.

Halo 5 is not a 2014 game, most e3 games will be 2014, making the notion that someone wins even sillier.

Wagram said:
It's like history is forgotten every generation.

Every year, surely.


Nope. 99% sure it'll win.
MS will lose because it has no games.

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I think Sony will 'lose' against MS this E3 in terms of new announcements. I think MS will have thrown a lot of money at a lot of devs over the last 12 months to bolster their own Halo/Gears/Forza/Rare games that they will show

Phantom-Lord said:
Anfebious said:

There is no need to quote that. Just post in the thread and I will answer you.

E3 is very important, the notion that "E3 isn't important" is completely made up.

The notion that someone WINS e3 is subjective.......The notion that it has a major sway in who sells more is nonsense. Outside hardcore gamers no one cares about e3, people will look at price, what their friends have, games, not e3 when buying a console. No one will win, there will be arguemtns fro each like every other year.

Of course it's subjective, but there is a general consensus given by the internet that determines who is the winner. Last year, the winner was Sony.

E3 is extremely important, that's where they announce important games. People will watch E3 and inform themselves about upcoming games.

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Project Beast will be enough, none of the 2 others can compete against the next exclusive Souls.

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The Last Guardian = automatic win. :p

celador said:
Pirateogta said:
Sony already lost last E3 when it came to the actual GAMES they showed. Microsoft blew them away in that department.

Microsoft, EA, Capcom and Insomniac did you mean

lol, yes.


imo there is only 1 possible megathon that could show up at this e3.   titanfall gets announced as multiplat effectively slitting xbox's jugular.

the reality is ms will  announce a bunch of games and sony will announce a bunch of games and almost none will be out in 2014, some will be out in 2015, but most won't be out until 2016.  xbox fans will say ms's announcements are the most innovative games in the world while completely dissmissing nearly identical playstation games as being generic peices of shit.  everyone else will thing sony's announcements are the most innovative games in the world while completely dissmissing nearly identical xbox games as being generic peices of shit.  everyone will build things up to unreasonable levels of expectation and then upon release and wonderfully fun experience will be dismissed as dissappointing for not living up to expectations.