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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PS4 failed in Japan. PS4 become maybe last place in hardware selling. But whats the reason?

PigPen said:
brendude13 said:
Because none of the many system sellers coming to the PS4 are out yet.

Why is everyone saying the same thing.  When the Wii U had no games five months after it launched, it was doomed and still is.  The PS4 is doomed in Japan.

Because it's logical? The Japanese will not ignore a mainline Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy. Just because the WiiU failed to prove itself in Japan (so far) doesn't mean the PS4 will. I don't know what you define as "doomed", and I never claimed otherwise, but anyone who considers current PS4 sales in Japan to be the baseline while ignoring all potential boosts from system selling games in the future is delusional.

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fallen said:

I do hope Sony is out of business. Not because of themselves, although I feel their product does not add anything good to the market, and I do not like any of ther exclusive franchises, but because I feel their fans care more about winning console wars than actual gaming.

Luckily I dont think Sony will last too much longer. Even though Ps4 sells well (although it's sales are likely plummeting downward everywhere right now), it already kind of feels like a dead product, with little software sales. The hardware is awesome thanks to the American design, but Sony will slowly but surely screw up the rest of it.


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Their product doesn't add anything good to the market? Oh right, because MS does with Kinect, right? The kinect that they removed because they see it as a hindrance to sales. Because the market doesn't care about it. There in turn meaning that what MS has brought to the table doesn't hold a candle to what ps4 has brought. Oh right, it's because of the price. I can't wait to see how XB1 fares in sales when they introduce the kinect-less model. We can talk about this again later.

You don't like any of their exclusive franchises? Let's look at the game of the year picks for the past 8 years:

  2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Crash   Galaxy UC2   Galaxy2 Ssword    
Famitsu   Galaxy MH dquest KH: BBS MH AC  
Game Informer     UC2         TLoU
Gamepro     LBP          
Gametm       Demons Galaxy2      
1up       UC2        
Reader's choice Gears Halo 3 MGS UC2        
Eurogamer     LBP UC2       Mario
Gamefaqs   Galaxy Brawl         Zelda 3ds
Gamerankings   Galaxy   UC2 Galaxy2   Persona4  
Gamesradar               TLoU
Gamerevolution               TLoU
Gamespot Gears Galaxy MGS Demons     Journey Zelda 3ds
Gamespot reader's choice Gears   MGS UC2       TLoU
Gametrailers   Galaxy     ME2 UC3   TLoU
Giant bomb       UC2 ME2     TLoU
IGN Okami Galaxy   UC2 ME2   Journey TLoU
IGN Readers choice TP Galaxy MGS UC2 ME2 Ssword   TLoU
joystiq Gears   Fable UC2 ME2   Journey TLoU
Kotaku   Galaxy   UC2       TLoU
Moby TP Galaxy   UC2     Journey  
MMGN   Galaxy       Ssword   TLoU
XPlay TP   Fable UC2 ME2      
Academy of IA&S Gears   LBP UC2 ME2   Journey TLoU
GDC Gears     UC2     Journey TLoU
Golden Joystick    07 gears     ME2      
Nintendo MS PS Multiplat
* all ms games also available on pc        

I wrote this to demonstrate just how little your preference matters. Sony has hands down won more GOTY awards than any other exclusive developer.
Number of exclusive Awards: PS: 48, MS: 18, Ninty: 28

Clearly Sony doesn't bring anything good to the market! Oh, right....I forgot about the media bias! The same media bias that results in al the reader's choice awards going to the same games! The same bias that sees PS4 selling more than xb1. The same bias that just in general sells more games in a greater variety. Hey, maybe that bias is called "what the market looks like".

And about your little comment about ps; the majority of gamers who only care about winning console wars...what hypocrisy. The industry paints a much different picture, and your comment belies your own ironic intentions.

"The hardware is awesome, thanks to the American design". Dude, are you for real?

Aerys said:
Not sure you can say the console "failed" when the console tried nothing yet since it has no system seller, i wonder what is the reason of the problem of a console not selling without system seller? Because it's known you buy a console to look at it's beautiful design.

Then why is it selling in the west? I am surprised by the sales of both PS4 and Xbone as there are no system sellers out there on either console.

Xenostar said:
LOL you do realise the X1 will launch in Japan.

I'm starting to doubt if it ever will lol.


theprof00 said:

This was amazing, ty.


He needed that lecture. OT: The logical thing is to wait until some of the important japanese franchises kick in. If the sales still suck then it's definitely a flop in Japan., until then don't count your chickens before they hatch. 

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It haven't games that appel for the jap taste;
The jap console market is almost dead, they preffer mobile gaming now, as they spend too much time at school and work;
The jap economy is weakened;
We are at the time of the year that gaming sells worst.
I think these are the major factors, they still like Sony, the PS3 is still selling some and Vita it's at second place every week there, so when games come (that fit jap taste), it should at selling better, but the market is already weak there, so not that high numbers...

you do realize that japan has roughly 120 million people.......less then half then america there is no really good next gen content out year...they dont have disposable incomes like we do....theyll buy when they need it

Well as a Xbox fan this is good news. Shows that Japan won't be favoring any of the 3 consoles too much this gen. So it really comes down to NA and Europe more then ever this time.

Xbox: Best hardware, Game Pass best value, best BC, more 1st party genres and multiplayer titles. 


sales2099 said:

Well as a Xbox fan this is good news. Shows that Japan won't be favoring any of the 3 consoles too much this gen. So it really comes down to NA and Europe more then ever this time.

They have to win in NA and Europe first :D

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Woah, counting your chickens before they hatch i presume, i don't know what this thread and the other one we had yesterday, but are people really claiming the PS4 is doomed/failing in Japan after only being on the market 3 months? Sony said themselves that the reason the PS4 was pushed back in Japan was because of their being no games catered to the Japanese market and right now it's showing.

seems people already forgot what happened last gen, maybe I'm a liitle arrogant but when japan's market fully makes the transition from PS3 to PS4 and we see a next gen Tales, FF, KH, MGS, GT, RE, SF, and other big and niche titiles catered to the Japanese fanbase certain users here are going to be served a large amount of crow with a side order of humble pie.