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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PS4 failed in Japan. PS4 become maybe last place in hardware selling. But whats the reason?

Because the firms capable of making blockbuster titles in Japan develop slower than molasses on a cold day. HD console development is what killed console gaming in Japan.

As I have said many times PS4 exacerbates the same exact issues PS3 had which is primarily because of specs making games of that scope and visual fidelity that people "expect" on HD systems takes them a lot more time and money. Sales aren't increasing to make up for those extra costs.

Mobile does so well there because development is fast and cheap. It's the space portables used to fill for many of those companies. Until Sony and Nintendo can find a way to make development and deployment of games on their systems at least as fast and as cheap as mobile then there really is no hope for any console there.

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Its Japan, of course the PS4 is doomed, all consoles are doomed in Japan. The country is handheld centric.

We should wait until its first christmas! :P

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MRKs said:
We should wait until its first christmas! :P

And then we'll know that we can't judge a system until its 2nd Chrystmas ;)

whatever happens by next christmas or the one after, it is all extra sales over the xbox,god bless japan i thank you for that


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Alright, let's get this out of the way. Your grammar and spelling are atrocious.

That being said, it is sad to see the PS4 do so badly in its own country. I'm hoping the PlayStation brand will not die with Sony.

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At least we can say it beat the life time sales of the 360 in japan.... did it? lol

bananaking21 said:
the reason? the PS4 simply doesnt have the software to appeal to the Japanese market, its really not that hard.

This right here, some of the audience is waiting for a Final Fantasy or Tales of game. besides it's been out for like 3 months.

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PigPen said:
Dr.Henry_Killinger said:
PigPen said:
He said that the PS4 failed, and as of now it did with numbers coming out looking the way they do. He never said the PS4 won't sell. Hell, the Wii U dropped after launch too but it's still selling. He did say he think the PS4 will come in last. I going to give that to the XOne, but PS4 will not outsell the Wii U in Japan. Maybe a little to late.

problem is failure implies that it will fail to meet healthy sales if we are trying to be objective here. I mean by his logic one could easily argue that the PS$ failed in Japan in November 2013.

So buy your logic Nintendo can take over Japan. 

You saw the words logic and ignorned everything else about my post so I'll break it down so that its easier to digest.

He said that the PS4 failed which implies that the PS4 won't sell 

His logic is that in the 4 months the PS4 has been out, its failure to outsell the Wii U in japan means that it has failed, but the system has no japanese exclusive so since he wants to call it now, you can pretty much call it before the system has even released, which of course makes no sense.

Also for the record, I haven't submitted any "logic" so your response is nonsensical.

Wishful thinking at best, can't rely on the strength of the console you support so you have to rush to deem the competition a failure before its even started. If there is anything Wii U fans should've learned already is how foolish claiming victory is before anything has started.

Saying that the Wii U would outsell the PS4 and XB1 based on what, last gen? Before the competition even released.

Now OP and you want to call the PS4 a failure before its actually had a chance to fail because your so afraid of what it could do.

You're not being reasonable at all,  and if PS4 makes a turn around, something that can easily be done with a single game, lots of people are going to look foolish.

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Given that PS4 sold 8,681 and the WiiU sold 7,733 the week of May 10th and X1 isn't even available in Japan.....I'd say as far as the home console market goes, PS4 isn't a failure, rather it's the best selling home console in the region!

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