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lol quite a few people didn't read the OP or they would know that this thread is about WiiU hardware instead of MK8 software sales.

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PigPen said:

Week one 80,000 is crazy talk.  So you're like saying it will sell like a million lifetime.  First week I thinking 3,500,000 sold.  My first post I have it 2,000,000, but I didn't do it justice and selling Mario Kart 8 short.  It's still number one on Amazon Japan.  It will sell a least a million copies in all countries.  This thread is filled with alot of haters.

1st: This thread is about hardware not software

2nd: Your software expectations for MK are completely ridiculous, the game won't even come close to that first week.

I fear that end pf may might be the wrong release date for sich a game. Its summer, people prefer beeing outside etc, xmas would have been better for this.




1st week - 60 000
2nd week - 60 000
3rd week - 45 000

Somewhat conservative numbers for such a big title I know, but if it does higher I will be impressed! Hell if it reaches those numbers I wrote I'll be impressed.

I don't know what the numbers were with WWHD and 3DWorld but after the past months anything is possible.


Wii U hardware:
1st: 130k (two days MK8)
2nd: 110k
3rd: 75k

MK8 software:
1st: 800k
2nd: 450k
3rd: 250k

Wii U beating X1 the entire June world wide (kinectless SKU will disappoint), but not PS4.

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1st week: 115k
2nd week: 90k
3rd week: 70k

Mario Kart 8:
1st week: 750k ( sticking to my January prediction )
2nd week: 370k
3rd week: 200k

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90k first week Wii U hardware

70k second week

55k third week

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Rustuv said:
DevilRising said:
I don't know about Wii U sales, but I think that it's a safe bet to think that MK8 itself will sell somewhere around 500k-1 mil. the first week. It's a big release, and a big deal "AAA" title, so even stores like Gamestop will actually bother promoting it.

A million? Really? That seems unlikely. 500k a stretch but posssible a million would kind of blow my mind.

Why is it so hard to imagine? This is not just THE biggest Wii U title to launch thus far, it's also one of THE biggest games on any system in this new generation to launch, period. It's going to be one of the single biggest releases of 2014, and there is major hype surrounding it. There are tons of pre-orders, but more importantly, LOTS of people are going to buy it. Think about it for a moment. Of the 6+ million Wii U owners right now, you have to believe most of them are pretty hardcore Nintendo fans, aka already major Mario Kart fans. Just out of the current existing install-base, it's actually very easy to believe that at LEAST 1 million of them, myself included, is going to run out and buy MK8 on launch day.

Then of course, there are all the people who have been on the fence/waiting to get a Wii U until something like Mario Kart or Smash Bros. came along. Well, it's here, and many of those people are now going to be ready to make the leap. Especially with a bundle available on launch day in many regions.

So you combine all that? I'm not saying it's 100% for sure that MK8 will do a million Week 1. But I'm saying it's absolutely very possible.

Wii U will not reach more than 120 k FW.
I'd even say it's an optimistic prediction.

2nd Week: 75k
3rd Week: around 50 k

Software: 800k first week.

jonathanalis said:
after mk8, wii u will never go below x360, ps3 and vita.

PS3 and X360 no, but Vita severeal week yes.

ES: with Freedom Wars Vita outsell for 1/2 week Wii U.