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Congrats on your purchase!

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You did. Right now the PS4 has no games, but by the end of the gen it'll have more quality games than the other three more than likely.


No idea what I was thinking when I wrote "other three."  I meant other two.

Any console this gen will have great games... except maybe the Ouya...

too early.
it would be a way better aquisiting in few years, with better pricing, more games already released, best ps+ free games,
xbo also is too early.
wii u i would wait mk8 bundle

People buy products based on what that product can do now and in the future. People assume that the PS4 will get fantastic games in the future, much like the PS3 did before it. However, with the industry in the shape it's in and with Sony, as a whole, in some serious dire straits, I can't help but feel the PS4's future seems a bit dubious. Each month I hear the software sales for ALL systems are down. A lot of these big budget games aren't showing any return investment on the 3rd party's side of things. Plus, I keep hearing the must-have exclusives being pushed further and further back. It's really hard for me to recommend a PS4 to anyone right now.

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I just bought mine today. So far so good. Loaded up Infamous Second Son and fired the hell out.

Squeezol said:
Zax said:

I hadn't intended to buy one but there is a sale on the Tesco website that allows you to get 10% off of orders over £75, this only lasts until tommorow so if anyone else from UK wants one be quick about it.

I also had Metal Gear Ground Zeroes, Lego Marvel Superheroes and Amazing Spider-man 2. All of this set me back £405 which to someone who doesn't have a job that's 60% of my money gone lol.


Is this really 'lol'? I don't think that is funny at all.

Too most people it wouldbn't be but for me it's not that huge a concern. I don't buy much at all, the £600-650 that I have left will easily last me the rest of the year comfortably.

Still it is a lot to lose in one go. It better last me because I've had to get 4 PS3's.

kupomogli said:
You did. Right now the PS4 has no games, but by the end of the gen it'll have more quality games than the other three more than likely.

I think by the end of the year it'll be good enough for me at least. Watch Dogs next month, Batman Arkham Knight and Alien Isolation in October.

Assassins Creed Unity and another Call of Duty also sometime this year.

If it makes you feel a little better, current things considered, the PS4 is the least likely of the 3 to have its price reduced in the foreseeable future, so you won't exactly be paying less than that now (for the console at least) anytime soon.

Thanks jlmurph!

Dont buy ps4 or xbox one games in europe.. Buy it off the US psn store. It is basically half prices if you can live without thr physical disc. There is instructions on how to do that online.