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sorry but appears to be a terrible choice (not the console, but the decision to spend so much on such a limited budget). Sales come and go, that price is nothing particularly special and is simply there to attract impulse buyers, better deals will be available throughout the year now that demand isn't outstripping supply.

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It was a good price for me as it's £46 cheaper than if I'd bought them separately on amazon. That's the price of a new top priced game.

Imagine my fear yesterday though when I put my PS3 on the day after having the PS4 and twice it automatically shut itself off saying it was too hot when it wasn't.

If my PS3 goes then I'm really gonna be in trouble because I'd still need to get another one.

Consider the PS4 as a future investment. The best games for the PS4 will be released over the next 5 to 7+ year lifespan of the console.

Right now I can safely say that you made a great choice. Infamous SS, shortly Watch Dogs, the best Console Version with Exclusive Extra Contents, TLOU remastered, Driveclub, Project Cars best console version, Destiny the best console version with Exclusive extra contents, and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Lead Platform Not Xbox One, but PS4 Will Be Definitive Console Version – Insider

''Sledgehammer Games recently unveiled images and the first trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare which showcased – among other things – EXO suits, futuristic weaponry, PMCs and the ever amazing Kevin Spacey. The visuals caught our attention above all as they appeared several tiers above last year’s Call of Duty: Ghosts. Best of all, the footage was all captured on the Xbox One. But is it the lead platform?
Industry insider Ahsan Rasheed, known as “thuway” on NeoGAF tweeted about the same and stated that, “Also I want to say one thing to all the Xbox One fans that keep telling me COD is X1 lead platform. It’s not. It’s a marketing deal.”

According to Rasheed, the studio that first created Call of Duty will focus on PS4. “Here’s the part you should pay attention to. Developers inside Infinity Ward prefer the PS4. Majority will use it to play at home.” Which is hard to deny – PS4 sales currently stand at 7 million units worldwide. ---> sales are important

Rasheed continued, “Put that inside your head. The developers who made the game. Majority will play the game on PS4 at home with friends.”

When another user stated that that was for Infinity Ward and may not necessarily apply to Sledgehammer Games, Rasheed said, “So cute. If you think the PS4 version won’t be the definitive console version technically, I have some bad news.”

So, PS4 is also getting the best version of what was the piece de resistance of 360 !

I really think you made a good choice.

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You didn't buy a house , but a console....

P.S. what's the point posting after you bought it. If you really had second thoughts you could ask before buying.