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Marginaly??? I did not know 30-45% could be considered "marginal" but if you say so...

RIP ps3, xbox360.

welcome home ps4 and X1

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QuintonMcLeod said:

People buy products based on what that product can do now and in the future. People assume that the PS4 will get fantastic games in the future, much like the PS3 did before it. However, with the industry in the shape it's in and with Sony, as a whole, in some serious dire straits, I can't help but feel the PS4's future seems a bit dubious. Each month I hear the software sales for ALL systems are down. A lot of these big budget games aren't showing any return investment on the 3rd party's side of things. Plus, I keep hearing the must-have exclusives being pushed further and further back. It's really hard for me to recommend a PS4 to anyone right now.

That's a bold statement.





*laughs hysterically to self*

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yes it was a mistake. not because you should have chosen another system but because of how you are choosing to use your free time and money when you have no job.

Everyone who's gotten a PS4 hopes they made a right choice. We won't really know till 2015-2016 :P.

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If you were just looking to play cross gen. games then I'd say you jumed ship too soon.  There isn't a lot of must have exclusives on PS4 yet, especially compaired to the PS3 wich has a much better library curently.

You probabally should have just waited until Batman came out later this year.

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With a Sony Console you never go wrong, easy as that.   PSOne, PS2, PS3 all offered an incredible game experience, PS4 will just continue and better the previous experience. I can't really wait for this E3, new IPs will be announced and most probably Gameplay footage of Uncharted4.  Welcome on board.

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You can't make a wrong choice. All 3 consoles have, or are going to have, excellent games. The only question is whether you bought an 8th gen console too early, well it's not too early for Wii U, but arguably waiting for a bit before getting PS4bone is the best thing right now. I didn't wait and currently my gaming time is split 40% PS3, 40% PC and 20% PS4. I'd have preferred to be spending 50% of my game time on my new console to make it feel like value for money, but it'll come.

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Zax said:

...All of this set me back £405 which to someone who doesn't have a job that's 60% of my money gone lol.

Uhhh.... I'm going with horrible choice

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greencactaur said:
Everyone who's gotten a PS4 hopes they made a right choice. We won't really know till 2015-2016 :P.

Well it already give to me more than I expected... it is like drug or sex when you do the first time you can't stop anymore... my PS3 is collecting dust and I need to play the new games I bought to it like Tales of Xiila.

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When I say I hope I made the right choice it was about getting the PS4 at that time and not waiting for it (until the October I had planned on getting it). Not whether I made the right choice about choosing the PS4 over the Xbox because I never had any intention of getting the Xbox to begin with.