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radishhead said:
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radishhead said:
The other day I finally beat Jumpin' Jack Flash hard difficulty on Elite Beat Agents - I don't care what anyone says, I'm a pro gamer in my own eyes now xD

Now beat it with the Elite Beat Diva's and Join me... we shall rule the Galaxy together!

You...beat it with the Divas? o.o I thought people like you only existed in legend

It's actually the exact same pattern as on the hard setting but the hit icons are smaller.... it could possibly be upsidedown too, like I said it was when I had my DSphat... I've not gone back to it too much since then just a bit casually because yeah, it killed my poor Phatty :(


edit - Yup tis upsidedown start of hard start of Divas

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games?

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Well, I won the dota's national championship when I was young so I'd say yes, im good at gaming

Before I ranked 13th in Project Gotham 4 leaderboard ranked 2nd in soul calibur hd remake in survival leaderboard and ranked 1st in worms xbl arcade I never get defeated from Demons Souls players invasions .... but still I sucked at all FPS & RTS games ! And I dont think myself that much good there is monsters nerds in gaming world !.

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Kyuu said:
Common teenage gamers would rate me a 10/10 "DUDE YOU'RE A FUCKING LEGEND!!!" more experienced gamers consider me an 8-9 gamer.

But in comparison to REAL Nerdish gamers I'm hardly any good. I'd score myself a 7.. maybe an 8 when all genres considered.

I've been a gamer since I was 5 :D

Haha, same here. Once I went to visit The Art of Video Games at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and got in line for the Pac-Man demo. I started doing well and the kids behind me started saying stuff like "this guy's really good!" That was a nice ego boost :D

Like you I've been playing games since I was a kid, so I have a strong foundation. Like anything, mastering video games is all about practice. I'm best at games like Mario Kart, Smash Bros (made it to the finals in a tournament), and shooters like GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, TimeSplitters, etc. 


Right but I think some games require a lot of skills. Like even if I played, Touhou Imperishable Night, for damn eternity, I would still not be able to complete this game! it's simply meant to be impossibly difficult for the average human being LOL. But I may have been able to if I practised Shoot'em Ups since I was a kid.

Children can acquire skills that adults simply can't. Kids are endlessly curious and almost have no distractions at all. One thing that an adult can't have. So if you missed your chance to obtain certains skills as a kid.. you probably lost that skill forever. You can still become, for instance a decent pianist, but you wont be one of the best!

The first game I remember playing was Konami's Super Cobra for MSX. My first inspirational game was Penguin Adventure, my brother beat it twice when he was 8 yet I still can't beat it to this day. how embarassing is that? xD

I used to be a great gamer, then I took "Demons souls" to the knee.

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Definitely above average but not amazing. KD in mp games is usually 1.50-2.00, hard modes generally aren't that hard for me.

To me the only skill you keep between different games (especially different genres) is your eyes.

To most valuable skill of a gamer is its capacity to read to screen fast, and analyse the situation.
But if the best starcraft player was to play aginst a good street fighter 2 player (given starcraft player does not usually play street fighter), he would get his ass beaten in a blink.

So the question is not do you think you are a skilled player, but in wich games are you skilled, and how would you rate your skills ? IMO

I can beat Contra in 15 minutes WITHOUT dying once.

So yeah, I'm pretty damn good at gaming.

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I think i am a average gamer... i play all types of games and i rarely replay a game so i do not get super good at it... back in the days i was very good in cs source but it took me several months playing daily with my leet friends... now i have too many games in backlog too waste too much time in a single game.

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Hardly anyone is that good at all games. My best performances were Resistance 2 (always at top 8-10 in 60 players matches), The Last of Us online (participated in some tournaments, usually win almost all the matches with my team and good k/d ratio) and some fighting games, specially KoF. In the rest, I'm pretty much average.

Actually, I'm only good at those games because I played or play them a lot, more than any other. Usually, people who are absurdly good at one game play it much more than others (or just play it). If you just play new games and keep with some variety, you won't be that good in any of them.