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Forums - Sony Discussion - inFAMOUS: Second Son is Pretty Short

Doesn't sound like it's a 5 hour game.

Can't validate a personal opinion since I'm currently waiting on my copy, but I have played the previous 2 games quite extensively and I imagine my play habits on how I approach the game will be similar, if not the same.

I didn't bother counting the hours it took me to finish either of the previous games. Needless to say, neither of them were too short or too long and I certainly didn't finish them in a single extended 5 hour session.

If I were to base my expectations on the claim of the OP, this is what I will expect; that I can finish the game in 5 hours. And no, I'm not going to try and race through the game for the same reason that I don't watch movies in fast forward or to see how fast I can eat a sashimi dinner. That's not what I'm paying for.

MGS5 is a prologue. Not a demo. Yes, it's short if you just do a quick play through, but it was designed with plenty of little toys to play with in game, much like MGS4 to extend the value. Plus, it's a primer for the main game, meaning it's a prequel stage that won't be a part of Phantom Pain.

Kind of a cheap move by Konami, but it serves the dual purpose of promoting the Phantom Pain since the game is still quite a ways off, and it gives fans (and this is really for fans of MGS who don't want to wait) something to play with in anticipation of MGS5 proper.

But no, it doesn't compare to a full retail game like Infamous SS, even if the average player can finish the game in 5 hours on regular difficulty, which I am unconvinced is the case.

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I agree, iceboy. Many AAA games today have very short play times and its a totally ripoff.


I beat Starfox 64 3D like four minutes after I pressed start. I'm just putting that out there.

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Aren't the missions on good and evil playthroughs different? It sounds like it's the kind of game made to be played twice

celador said:
Aren't the missions on good and evil playthroughs different? It sounds like it's the kind of game made to be played twice


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Opinions are nice and sometimes perplexing. Whatever floats ur boat OP.


Buuuuuuut i spend like 5 hours only looking at the amazing grafix! ....

A speed run of Demon's Souls only takes 1 hour, same for Dark Souls. I guess they are the worst games in the history of gaming.

Even if all you do is get each area down to 30% clear and do the DUP show downs you will definitely take at least 10 hours.

MGS GZ might have a lot of replay value, but at 2 hours you have to replay it 5 times to equal a 70% completion rate play through of ISS. And then there's the 5 hours of papertrail added on to the main story, so 15 hours for a fairly story focused playthrough including paper trail.

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iceboy151 said:
OdinHades said:
I guess someone's butthurt because MGS5: Prologue didn't get a lot of hype...

It's really pretty obvious. Infamous is a full fledged game. MGS5 is not. You need 90 - 120 Minutes for the main story. There are demos which entertained me longer. And that's why people call that thing a demo you have to pay for. Because that's what it is. Not saying it is bad or anything, it sure is fun as hell. But still only a demo.

Nah, just be fair. The media calls is short, everyone calls is short. Had they not said anything, no one would be talking about it.

The media calls it short, everyone calls it short...... Because it's short! I rented ground zeros at redbox for $2, beat it in an hour and a half, and returned it the same day. I had no desire to replay it 43 times. Konami made a MGS demo for $30, while sucker punch made a full fledged, richly detailed world, that, had you not ran through it missing everything the game had to offer, you would have experienced as well. I completed the north areas, completely, in about 12 hours. Please, don't try to compare ground zip to second son, sucker punches effort makes that comparison an insult. There's a thousand things to do and explore in second son, don't compare it to ground zero, a game that offers you a few different ways just to kill or sneak by enemies, in one tiny area. If ground zilch is worth $30, then second son should be worth $300.

from what I heard it takes about 15-20 hours to beat infamous SS which fits in line with it's previous titles, both infamous 1 & 2 took me about 16-18 hours each good and evil playthrough.