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For me personally, it would have to be the Last of Us. The story was incredible. Loved the relationship between Joel and Ellie, and I really started to care for the characters (Really loved Henry and Sam too!) I also enjoyed the gameplay. It was fun to sneak around and quietly execute your enemies, but time to time I would get caught and have to end up killing them in a firefight, which was cool too because of the lack of ammo.

I found myself having to scavenge ammo from environments/dead people whilst trying to hide from survivors who were already after me. Very tense, especially on survivor where almost every firefight you found yourself having no ammo or really low health and no bandages to heal yourself.

Just a really incredible game. Was sad to see it finish...But it did have a very surprisingly amazing multiplayer! Had a ton of fun with that too. Naughty Dog is awesome ^^

Edit - Also, Uncharted 3 blew me away graphically! I played it after playing TLOU, and didn't think it could look any better but WOW...Uncharted 3 is the best looking game I've ever played. Especially when you first uncover that city and you walk down the stairs whilst looking at the big view of the city. I actually said "wow" in real life because it just blew me away. I know it's not all explorable...but it looked epic nonetheless. 

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South Park: stick of truth... Really good game.
before that it was Alan Wake. What a great game.

Persona 4 Golden really blew me away, being my first SMT game too

dark souls

Mark of the ninja. Just a few weeks ago. Seriously, I can't believe how awesome that game is.

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Not since the 7th gen. Xenoblade, Portal 2, and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Nothing in the 8th gen has earned mind blowing status yet.

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God of War 3 was the first time I though "WOW" while I was playing it


Just played Ground Zeroes, short but sweet

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Epic moments/games are the reason I think most people game in the first place. Here's a few that blew my mind over the years-

Shadow of the Colossus- just riding around on horse back in what is simply one of the most beautiful worlds ever, it's an awe inspiringly beautiful experience, and it's such a thrill to discover and learn how to defeat each new colossus!

Soul Reaver- the story, dialog, and voice acting stand so far above what is normally passed on us poor gamers; it's some of the best writing ever! In particular the intro scene is simply incredible. Tony J (RIP) as the elder god "Become my Soul Reaver. My Angel of Death" just bad ass!!!

Jet Force Gemini- The way this game seemlessly merged platforming and third person shooting into a massive adventure game is beyond me. It has some of the most amazing art and level designs ever! And the music is epic star wars level stuff throughout! Rares best work to date.

Metroid Prime- From title screen to end credits, simply the most immersive atmospheric and perfectly executed action adventure game i've ever played, period. The title screen music makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up to this day

Portal 2- This is the smartest and funniest puzzle game I've ever played. I just couldn't stop smiling the entire time. It's just brilliant on every level!

Killzone 2/Gears of War- These both appealed to my graphics whore side as the biggest jumps last gen. The jump in visuals (both looked sooo much better than what was out as the time) merged with solid cover shooter mechanics made both stand outs for me.

Little Big Planet- Why play games when you can make them? What do you mean your gonna give me a huge set of physics based tools and let me make my own levels and play other peoples online. Revolutionary! I musta spent 100 of hours messing around making levels (none of which are particularly good, lol. Who knew it was so hard to make games!)

other miscellaneous epic moments in gaming- the first time you are in the frozen castle under the sea in wind waker, learning your tank could climb upside down in blaster master, the first time you saw a fatality in mortal kombat, the save screen music on SOTN, the entire underwater level in super metroid, the third alien themed world in magician lord, the first time you went zero g in stider, etc.. etc...

These are the reason I still play games. I am constantly in search of the next game that makes me feel something like these have.