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    < Zelhawks37 updated his status:

    Finally have a Wii U.

    < Zelhawks37 updated his status:

    So getting banned makes you find out that there are a lot more Ys fans on here than I expected.... Worth it.

    < Conegamer posted something on Zelhawks37's wall:

    You're a Ys fan?

    Still a shit post.

    on 04 August 2014

    True. But we need more Ys fans!

    on 05 August 2014

    Yes sir! Why the sad face? Also a Legend of Heroes fan!

    What shit post btw? Oh, the one that got me banned? Nah, that was just responding to a troll thread. :)

    on 06 August 2014

    Trolling reply to a trolling thread still means a trolling ban for you though!

    Well I've played through Memories of Celcata and going through Oath in Felghana right now.

    on 06 August 2014

    Yes yes but its all good. Mods gotta regulate the silly people like me. :)

    I need a Vita badly for Memories.... Oath was awesome, but Ys seven is still my favorite of them all. Definitely in my top five fav games of all time.

    on 06 August 2014

    < VanceIX posted something on Zelhawks37's wall:

    Whare's your avatar from? It reminds me of Chrome Shelled Regios for some reason...

    Its from YS vs soro no kiseki (Legend of Heroes).

    The one on the left is Adol, and Estelle is on the right.

    on 12 July 2014

    Adol! How the hell did I not recognize one of my favorite characters in gaming history? I even just finished Memories of Celceta, lol

    on 12 July 2014

    Is it better than YS Seven? That game is one of my favorites of all time! I am getting a Vita for that game haha.

    Have you played Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky? The girl on the right is the main character in that game and is my personal favorite protagonist ever along with Adol! This picture is so perfect in my eyes because of that.

    on 12 July 2014

    Memories of Celceta was amazing, leagues better than 7 even, imo. And no, sadly I never really got into the Tales series other than Tales of Symphonia. I'll check it out though!

    on 13 July 2014

    Actually its Trails, not Tales. Different series. :)

    Symphonia is super awesome too though.

    on 13 July 2014

    Ah, my bad, I've been thinking Trails was part of the Tales series for some reason. But yeah, Symphonia was great!

    on 13 July 2014

    Lol no worries. If you love lots of dialogue and a cliffhanger begging for the sequel to come out sooner, Trails in the sky is the game for you.

    Symphonia is still my favorite game of all time personally, even if it is cliché at times.

    on 13 July 2014

    < Kaizar posted something on Zelhawks37's wall:

    Best Movies of 2014 Thread:


    Trailers are in the 4th & 5th OP.

    And please sign my Petition:


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    The NFL Thread 2015: Denver Broncos win Super Bowl 50

    in Sports Discussion on 30 December 2015

    RolStoppable said: NYJ-BUF 2 NE-MIA 1 NO-ATL 2 DET-CHI 1 BAL-CIN 2 PIT-CLE 1 JAC-HOU 2 TEN-IND 2 WAS-DAL 1 PHI-NYG 2 OAK-KC 2 SD-DEN 2 TB-CAR 2 SEA-ARI 1 STL-SF 2 MIN-GB 1 by 3 Rebound Hawks!!!...

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    Write 3931

    The NFL Thread 2015: Denver Broncos win Super Bowl 50

    in Sports Discussion on 16 December 2015

    RolStoppable said: TB-STL 1 NYJ-DAL 1 CAR-NYG 2 TEN-NE 2 BUF-WAS 1 KC-BAL 2 HOU-IND 1 ATL-JAC 1 CHI-MIN 2 GB-OAK 1 CLE-SEA 2 CIN-SF 1 MIA-SD 2 DEN-PIT 1 ARI-PHI 1 DET-NO 2 by 4   Screw the Panthers. Im going to continue to pick against them. ...


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