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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Wii U purchase confirmed

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Buy your Wii U now.

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SSB4 is also one of the main reasons why I'm getting a WiiU as well :)


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Don't know her, but I knew she was in months ago.

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Ps4 doesn't have a chance in hell now! World domination!

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Anyone else thinks Zelda looks super pretty and hawt?


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fory77 said:
NintendoSupporter<3 said:

Yeah and there's a rumour saying that Link might make it Smash,  I think Nintendo may confirm it after the reveal of Zelda U this E3!

Hey guys did you hear? Nintendo is making a new game! I believe it is called Super Smash Bros. And they are also making a new Mario Kart - Called Mario Kart 64.

For the  Nintendo Ultra 64 if I am not mistaken! Can't wait to see some footage!

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This is what gets people buying a Wii U?

I'm slightly confused. But whatever works, I guess.

A little slow but I'm pretty hyped for her too...she has one of the more interesting movesets I've seen

I am also going to buy a WiiU but first I will open a thread about it!!!!! But it´s not because of Rosalina.