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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Best Retro Studios game BESIDES Metroid Prime 1

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The best is...

Metroid Prime 2 36 39.56%
Metroid Prime 3 26 28.57%
Donkey Kong Country Returns 29 31.87%

Prime 2 > DKC > Prime 3

While I like Prime 3 a lot, I think it was a step down from the previous 2 games. The other 2 are just simple masterpieces. 

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Donkey Kong Country Returns, best 2D platformer of the 7th gen.

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I just beat Metroid Prime 1 (in Trilogy) and wow that game was good...but since its disqualified, I'd have to choose >.> err, I dunno. I loved MP3 and DKCR so much but I don't know how to compare them @.@

Metroid prime 3 corruption is by far their best game.

*consulting my top 50 games list*

#1. Metroid Prime
#12. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
#17. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
#24. Donkey Kong Country Returns
#49. Mario Kart 7

Comparison to other entries in the Metroid, Donkey Kong, and Mario Kart franchises:

#37. Super Metroid
#44. Donkey Kong Country
No other ranked Mario Kart games.

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DKC Returns cause DK is awesome :O


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Prime 3 was just crazy good. Dem controls!

If they ever make a new Metroid Prime game, I seriously hope they include Wiimote pointer controls, 'cos I won't be going back to analog sticks for that... I disliked Prime 1 on GameCube, I adored Prime 3 and Trilogy, simply because they controls made all the difference in the world.

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I've only played DKCR and Metroid Prime 1,
DK is more my genre, and I thought it was well done.


Prime 2 is my favorite game of the trilogie. Loved prime 1 but I feel it followed to closely the template of Super Metroid. I thought the story of prime2 was more engaging with the Luminoth and Inns and the mystery behind Dark Samus. It also have my favorite guns/visors/suits of the series while prime3 revolved to much around the corruption and the phazon boost gimick for my taste.

Also I loved the Light world/Dark world. Never understood all the hate behind it, It's ok when Zelda does it but everyone goes hating when it's Metroid? What kind of hypocrisy is this? Atleast in Prime 2 I had the ''oh shit'' feeling and felt threatned everytime I was in the Dark world.

Oh, and most important of all, Prime2 had multiplayer and I had a blast with it! Never understood why they took it away in the 3rd game.


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Donkey Kong Country Returns. The waggle is a bit annoying and the music is not really up to standards, but other than that it's  a spectacular game. It's well-designed, the game is gorgeous and it has many secret levels for the gamer that wants even more.

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