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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Best Retro Studios game BESIDES Metroid Prime 1

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The best is...

Metroid Prime 2 36 39.56%
Metroid Prime 3 26 28.57%
Donkey Kong Country Returns 29 31.87%

I voted Metroid Prime 2, but really, it's difficult to choose between it and Prime 3. I think Returns was not as good as the Prime games even though it was masterfully executed, it didn't feel new. Only remixes of music and stuff. The Cliff world was cool though.

At least Tropical Freeze is going to change this! With David Wise at the helm on music production, together with a little input from Kenji Yamamoto, this can only mean MAGIC. And different islands? Gives me a little bit of Crash Bandicoot vibes, which is not a bad thing at all.

That was a little off topic, but I am really looking forward to Tropical Freeze. But yeah, I chose MP2 as their best game, it was the most difficult, not only bosses, but also just navigating the world... I felt really lost several times, especially in the first half. But when it all comes together towards the end, it just feels so satisfying! Prime 2 is a prime example of a Metroid game, and it does new things that MP1 didn't, like a different progression instead of copying the Super Metroid formula. I mean it wasn't bad at anything it did, but Prime 2 is just a better game.

But when I want to sit down and play a Prime game nowadays, I mostly end up with playing Prime 3 since it's easier to pick up.


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Because it's the best platformer since 4th gen. Great gameplay, excellent level design, lots of challanges and secrect, kept entertained foe more than 150 hours. Easily the best after Prime 1.

As for Prime 3 vs Prime 2, I've preferred Prime 3. Prime 1 had the perfect balance between action and exploration and had the most inspired level design and artistic design. In Prime 2 exploration was really too slow and almost annoying, it had lots of dead times, battles agaist normal enemies (not bosses) where too long. On the other hand Prime 3 is more linear and less abitiuos, but still it has a better pace and it's generally better executed imo.

I'm torn between Prime 3 and DKCR.

Prime 3 controls like a dream, has some of the most compelling worlds of any game I've ever played, (Skytown, Phaaze, and the Pirate Homeworld are incredible) strikes an elegant balance of action and exploration/puzzles, and streamlines the pacing and navigation compared to Prime 1 and 2.

On the other hand, DKCR, is, in my view, one of the best 2D platformers ever made, with a wonderful sense of energy and verve, stiff but fair challenge, and exquisite level design.

Prime 2's still a very good game, but it had a few annoyances, (difficulty spikes, ammo for beams) that keeps it from reaching the same sky high tier as Retro's other games.

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