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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is your most desired crossover ever?

Capcom vs. Arc System Works
Persona x Final Fantasy
Yakuza x Shenmue

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Uncharted + Tomb Raider.
Drake is on a mission to find a lost artifact, which is somehow tied to Sir Francis Drake.
Lara is also on the same island but with other motives. Relics from her family has been secretly buried there by her father.
The race is on to see who can get to them 1st.

No limitations? ok.

Coca-Cola x Pepsi.

Jem and the Holograms x Beverly Hills Teens.

The most obvious one. Marvel VS DC. And Star Trek VS Star Wars MMO type game.

Nintendo vs. Playstation vs. Xbox mascots in a Smash Bros style game!!!!!!!!

Pokemon X Ni No Kuni too.

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God of War x Kirby :P

I like the Pokemon x Monster Hunter idea

but SMT x Fire Emblem is pretty great too >.>

badgenome said:
Final Fantasy Musou

Your post are fap worthy.

Fire emblem all vs all (all the characters from all the games fighting each other for different reasons, kinda like how the Dawn Brigade fought the greil mercenaries in radiant dawn)

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Wright said:
Nem said:

I would like Xeno(blade) X Zone of the enders.

Isn't that what essencially X is shaping up to be?

Thats why i was reluctant to mention "blade" in there. I guess we can put it as X x ZOE. 

The idea is to have 2 worlds that made sense to pitch with each other.

On that note, i just realised that Shining force x Fire emblem would be awesome.