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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is your most desired crossover ever?

infamous x gravity rush

imagine if they brought in more beat em up elements and allowed character switching and tag team moves on enemies.

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Xenogears X Xenosaga X Xenoblade X X

Abbreviated as XXXXXXX

badgenome said:
Final Fantasy Musou

There are times you learn you really wanted something and were not even aware of it.  I love this idea.

My own submission be Lego X Nintendo, basically one of those Lego games with Nintendo based characters and worlds.

I'd like to see Kingdom Hearts and Nintendo. Sora visits the Mushroom Kingdom, Hyrule, Popstar, DK Isle, the Distant Planet, Corneria, Tellius (Ike's Fire Emblem world), the Kalos Region, Eagleland, Tallon IV, Weyard (Golden Sun), Angel Land, Bionis (Xenoblade), Earth 2560 (F-Zero), and whatever else they can think of.

Disgaea vs Persona. Valvatorez vs YU

Obscure Vita 2014 games to look out for

Kick and Fennick Murusaki Baby Metrico

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Super Mario x Sonic The Hedgehog (Platformer)
Halo x Metroid (FPS)
Marvel x DC (Fighter)

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Animal Crossing X Pokemon

Anfebious said:
Metal Gear Solid X Kirby

So like this?


Pokemon X Persona

Nintendo X Disney

Marvel VS DC

Bomberman X Kirby


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Nintendo Hearts aka Nintendo x Final Fantasy x Dragon Quest.