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My prediciton: There won't be a single Wii U game released after February 10th except for Lego Lego. A Lego game based on Lego games.

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Obvious troll threads should be bannable.

doesn't make much sense, they are at least 3 years into development and it's 99.99% sure we will see some gameplay at 2014 E3 (Aonuma even wanted to show it during october 2013).

And the next Nintendo console will take more than 2 years to even be announced, Nintendo doesn't care if the Wii U sells badly, they will find a way to cut the cost of production to make some profit (Gamecube strategy) and continue supporting it themselves.

Also, it is unlikely to sell badly compared to other console Zeldas, they all seem to do the same numbers despite the difference with hardware #s.

If Nintendo wants to sell more Wii Us, Zelda will be one of the last strategy, thing is, the Zelda fanbase is highly loyal, even if they don't like the gamepad or whatever reason you can come up with, they will buy it.

kekrot said:
benji232 said:
Not happening, sorry. That would hurt fan confidence. And all Nintendo consoles did receive a zelda game. TP was launched on Gamecube before wii. I could see them releasing it on wiiU and then maybe re-releasing it on their successor.

TP was actually released for Wii first, even though it was originally a GC game.

Correct, they both launched withing weeks of each other. My point still remains that GC received 2 brand new Zelda games with rubish sales. WiiU will get atleast 1.

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d21lewis said:
My prediciton: There won't be a single Wii U game released after February 10th except for Lego Lego. A Lego game based on Lego games.

I want to buy 2 please *-*

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Just another flavour of doom thread with even less substance than the usual doom threads.

I say your prediction is wrong.

Yikes... disappointed so many people on forums are declaring Zelda U dead before it's even been announced. It's coming, folks. Don't know what else to say except... be patient and look forward to E3?

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Nahh... the Wii U will claw it's way back and do ok.

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I doubt we will see an HD Twilight Princess. It is one of the best selling Zelda games, and it just released on the previous Nintendo console. Everyone that wanted it likely already has it. It is even playable on the current console. It doesn't make any sense.

All that to say your prediction is wrong.

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SS came out in 2011 right? These Zelda dev times are ridiculous. I want at least 2 Main Zelda's a gen, not 1.