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Forums - Sony Discussion - How long and hard is each God of War?

I recently found both God of War 3 and the HD collection of GoW1&2 at a really good price. I've gotten pretty far in the first (I think), I last saved at an underwater save spot if you know where I'm talking about. I've played for almost 7 hours, so it was longer than I expected.

But it's really hard too! The place where you had to defeat lots of normal enemies and then the enemies who "gaze" at you and turn you to stone if you're not dodging, before you can lower a rope to the underground section with a Shield of Hades, that place was REALLY HARD.

So for you who have played them all, is GoW 2 and 3 as hard as the first? And are they similar in length?

I'm playing on God (Normal) and I think it's really challenging but also satisfying when you finally manage to get to the next checkpoint. I'm also thinking about getting the HD collection vol. 2 with the PSP remasters.


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GOW2 felt the shortest, but I also did that in one sitting. I don't really know.

KingdomHeartsFan said:

I find that site to be very inaccurate in most cases. I remember looking up the Metroid Prime games and even with really many votes on them all, they were the completely opposite of what the rest of the internet, including me, experienced.

But yeah, I also would like to know how challenging they are compared to the first.


Dat title.

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I miss badgergnome.

Normal difficulty setting on my first play-through:

GoW1 took 9 1/2 hours
GoW2 took 12 hours
GoW3 about 10 1/2 hours

They got slightly easier with each successor imo, this is mostly because of gameplay improvements from game to game which made them easier to play. All are a good challenge on the hardest difficulty if that's what you're after.

8-12 hours depending on how much u look for secrets

For the most part I would say all the games are pretty easy but have there tough moments

Great series, ive played all the games except Ascension. U should check out the PSP titles as well

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You're definitely gonna want lube for your time with Kratos.

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Put it on Titan mode. You'll be on each one for a while.

Thanks jlmurph!