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Forums - Sony Discussion - How long and hard is each God of War?

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4 ≈ One

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Put it on Titan mode. You'll be on each one for a while.

Thanks jlmurph!

Not a single "that's what she said?"

The first I find shorted but I did play it more than the other 2. When I played it again for the platinum I didn't have much difficulty beating it in under 5 hours.

The 2nd a bit longer and the third I think wasn't quite as long as 2. Some of the puzzels I think might have been tougher than the first though I didn't ever have that much trouble with the blades of hades like some did, while the QTE and the end of the 2nd had me ready to throw the controller.

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Thank God some people thought the same thing at the title, dirty minds everywhere.

This thread title is awesome. About the long and hard part I think they are short but they are hard enough.

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this long...


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That doesn't sound right.

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If we're talking regular playthrough's and on normal difficulty;

God of War 1 ~ 7 hours
God of War 2 ~ 8 hours
God of War 3 ~ 10 hours
God of War: COO ~ 5 hours
God of War: GOS ~ 6 hours
God of War: Ascension ~ 7 hours

The games are equally difficult. 2 and Ascension have some hard parts. The first had a hellish puzzle and the 3rd one some hard bosses.