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Forums - Sony Discussion - How long and hard is each God of War?

About 6-8 hous long. Not particularly hard games. But the story is awesome. My faveourite PS IP by a country mile. Although Acension was pretty poor.

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I honestly cant remember but they can be pretty difficult. It isnt a game where you can just push buttons and win( though i think i played on hard, but i cant remember). Prob some of the best hack and slash games in my opinion.

I can't tell you times but for difficulty on normal, the first one wasn't really hard. The second one ended up getting hard at one point right close to the very end of the game with a big mob of monsters, I remember this part because I had to retry three times. The third game also isn't very difficult.

Some of the games misdirection is pretty disappointing. I'm not even talking about the long puzzle in the first game to get Pandora, I'm talking about those puzzles where the completion is pretty much right in front of your nose(God of War 3 garden water puzzle,) or something you may have never seen or used before, like some heavily textured switch that you're supposed to step on and stay standing on it in order for it to activate, you might just not notice. The damn plants on God of War 2 that grow when you stand on them, didn't notice it the first time because never saw it and you never had to step on something to have a bridge grow out,, so I was like where the fu** do I go.

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Kratos is longer and harder then all the other gods of war combined

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It took me, on the highest initially unlocked difficulties:

GoW = 8 hours (whole game was too easy but the Doppelganger battle was too hard)
GoW II = 14 hours (difficulty still a bit too easy, no horrendous difficulty spikes though)
GoW III = 10 hours (difficulty was pretty much perfect)
Chains of Olympus = 5 hours (too easy, no noticeable difficulty spikes)
Ghost of Sparta = 8 hours (a couple difficulty spikes exasperated by the series' worst camera problems)

In all the GoW there are some difficult parts but I remember that I found GoW 2 the most difficult though that was on PS2 long ago. In God of war Ascension I did experience the most difficult part in any GoW game ever. It was the Trial of Archimedes but I think they patched that part with more checkpoints. Still a hard challenge. Boss battles are never difficult unless you play it on the hardest difficulty. Hades was just a pain in the ass for me.

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If we're talking regular playthrough's and on normal difficulty;

God of War 1 ~ 7 hours
God of War 2 ~ 8 hours
God of War 3 ~ 10 hours
God of War: COO ~ 5 hours
God of War: GOS ~ 6 hours
God of War: Ascension ~ 7 hours

The games are equally difficult. 2 and Ascension have some hard parts. The first had a hellish puzzle and the 3rd one some hard bosses.

Which puzzle are you talking about?

Spoiler tags ftw!

I have no idea how to censor text so i'll hint and i'm sure you'll get it.

It's about climbing and knives.

Personally i can do it, but i've heard so many complaints about it. One of my brothers who games a lot, never replays the game because he's still to beat that part!

Highlight the text, and then switch the style to spoiler.

I'm still not sure which part you're referring to.

That's the trick to do it without using the box but if you do it the regular way, it's fucking hard. Especially in GOW: Collection where the timer has been shortened.


This is the one i meant. The internet is full of people complaining about it. I must say i've never done it without falling a couple of times, but i always succeed. But i do belive it's hard as i'm normally pretty good with such mechanics.

So long and so hard. Such wow.

GoW1 is probably the shortest out of the GoW1-3+Ascension ones. They are all definitely harder than your average game.

GOW 2 is much longer than the other ones. People saying they are about the same don't remember it that well. GOW 1 is pretty short, GOW 3 is a bit longer than that and GOW 2 is the longest by a significant margin.