Forums - Website Topics - Fake insiders: ban them?

Make it against the rules?

Ban them 26 44.07%
Warn them 10 16.95%
No 15 25.42%
See results 8 13.56%

Ban them. Even if legit, you'll do them the biggest favor by banning them before they get themselves fired for not resisting to hold their tongue.

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Joe, I think it a warning system would do. Then after so many times being wrong they should be banned and if the person is just wrong over and over or a sham they should get the perma.

It should just be done on social reputation like anything else. Crying wolf etc.

If the fake info giving constitutes flaming or trolling then that's the offence, not the info.

It's on the Internet, so you know it's true

Ban them, especially those who claim themselves to be 100% accurate or that have 100% factual information when reality shows otherwise. As for devs who don't keep their mouths shut, nah don't ban them, let them get fired, make them think twice before opening their mouths.

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There is no need for insiders to post information that is not made publicly available. If industry people want to say who they are on here, that's for them to decide. But there's no reason anyone should ask you to prove yourself (unless you're trying to give them private information that you probably shouldn't be sharing anyways).

Dr.EisDrachenJaeger said:

Devs arent supposed to be telling anybody shit. Development periods are too haphazard either way.

So yeah. Ban em.

So you're not a dev but apparently work in a 3rd party studio but don't deal with Sony or Microsoft. What are you?

KingdomHeartsFan said:

I remember there was a thread a while back around VGX saying that Ni No Kuni 2 was gonna be announced for the PS4.

This is what I thought this thread was about... Hope he/she/it got permabanned. Sick, sick joke.

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BTW, Half Life 3 will be announced in an hour. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.

       I highly doubt VGChartz mods are going to ban those people just because you want those people to be banned.

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