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Also, part of the fun is the slightly incorrect numbers.

Makes it exciting when official reports come :P

It is addictive, anyone disagreinge with that, miss the notion of online chatroom entertainment.

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ethomaz said:
Grandia said:
IGN staff are really one of the last ones who should call some other popular gaming related things bull, they are among the worst, unreliable, biased, bought sources of gaming journalism ever.

VG chartz is always quite near the reality and they constantly update their estimations when official numbers appear. VG chartz is the best source for console sales figures available, there is simply nothing else similar, this is the reason why VG is still popular.

I disagree with the bold... VGC most times is far way from the reality but I agree with yout others points

Adjustments less than 100k after the trackers numbers is fine but we see more ~600k, ~400k, etc adjustments here that makes the numbers not even close to the reality.

okay I meant quite near relative. Quite near if you compare VG-chartz estimations with other ones who estimate console sales every now and than. Take the predictions of last month as example, VG-chartz was really quite near the NPD numbers with Xbox one and Xbox 360 predictions and than take a look at how far off michael pachter was with everthing. VG-chartz was quite close with Xbox One, Xbox 360 predictions, they overestimate the WiiU and PS4 just a little bit and they only overestimated the 3DS quite a lot. Pachter was really with everthing so far off, so I think VG is most of the time  quite near and the best thing everytime when they are wrong they adjust their numbers when official numbers arrive.

Pachter >>> IGN confirmed!


VGChartz may not be 100% accurate but to go and call it "bull" and "total crap" is disrespectful. The guys down here are doing a pretty decent job with the estimates yet they are given shit. Fuck you IGN.

KylieDog said:
bananaking21 said:

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Ocilayton said:

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It's around 19:30


I'm not claiming to agree or disagree. But the guy who said it (Peer Schneider) is a pretty cool and reliable guy.


Peer: A few days ago numbers were posted by Vgchartz-we didn't pick them up because vgchartz is...bull.

Jose:It's total crap

later on

Brian: I'm surprised it still exists.

But it is bull/

I mean how in gods name do you think they come up with there figures?

I used to think they were legit but they are predictions based on god knows what.


Nothing against the site but that is the bottom line.





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While I do really like Peer (he and Fran Mirabella are pretty much the only decent IGN staff left) this could've been worded much better. Why not just state that it's based on estimates and regularly has adjustments, etc.

Saying "it's total crap" and "I'm surprised it still exists" just sounds ignorant.

IGN specialises in Pure opinion, not really anything that can be considered factual.

Calling VGChartz bull is rich. At least VGC make an attempt for accuracy. If IGN think they can do better, I'd like to see them fork out the cash for their own sales section (which I doubt they'd do, in their current, floundering state)

It says the IGNorants.

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IGN is the epitome of social media and news outlets of every kind and type. Claiming that they are ignorant is... bull.

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