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I call Sonic Lost World 5.8/10 bull.

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I use IGN to hook up with gamers....sexually....with my fingers on the keyboard..... yeah..... im a sad person :(


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Turkish said:
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Its really off for some games, dunno if GoW3 was fixed or not but it was undertracked despite official numbers. Usually after official numbers are out vgc adjustments reflect on that. And I wonder how vgc tracked cancelled games(A:CM WiiU) or unreleased games (EA Live PS4 version for the week of nov 15).

I also doubt Fifa sold such a small amount during the PS1/ early PS2 days. It was crazy popular back then and it is still crazy popular right now.

Yeah, numbers are gonna be way off after release because of being off each week by a bit.  Though they should be adjusted often...

IGN is better than Gamespot when it comes to trolls and fanboys. That doesn't say a lot... There's a reason this is the only gaming forum I've been posting on for several years.

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Can't spell ignorant without IGN...

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How many of us are here mainly for the numbers? Not me...

I stopped going to IGN when I found this site in 2006. Well, I stopped IGN in 2007 to be specific.

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Who hates Freddy?   .gif fail.

god does, freddy was just so much more awesome, thats why god hates not just freddy but all fags... hes jealous because hes not as great as freddy was-

I don´t care because IGN, well, is bull. And I am surprised it still exists.

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