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More ignorance from someone on a reputable videogame site talking about VGChartz.

As always I will post this - Why it is so Easy to Blame VGChartz

"What VGChartz offers is timely data that isn't meant to be 100% accurate but be in the right range. We don't compete with the likes of NPD, GFK or ChartTrack; we offer a service that is totally different. One that is not based on comprehensive and direct retail tracking, but rather uses modern and alternative methods to quickly arrive at estimates, combined with a database of historical sales - constantly adjusted and tweaked to be as accurate as possible."

"However, even with the greatest of diligence, our data is still just an estimate so whenever quoting a figure from VGChartz it should be listed as an estimate and readers should be made aware that there is a margin of error associated."

And of course, link to the methodology page -


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That's ok, our boy Pachter gave us props a month or so back. Pachter > IGN

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IGN sucks. VGC is a good place to talk about sales. Not a good one to get them.

TThey are right.

VGCz sales numbers have quite a bit of error in them.

...but our community kicks IGN's ass.

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you can't spell ign without ignorant

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I don't really understand how anyone can doubt Vgchartz numbers, because only way you can get some sale information is from big 3 or NPD to compare and then go "bull".



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Probably talking about the phone numbers in that one thread.

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ethomaz said:

I can't say I disagree...

VGC is a estimate site... so only the companies have the real and reliable numbers.

But one things that makes the VGC estimate close to real numbers are the frequents adjustments... so if you look at the BF weeks numbers I'm sure they will be wrong for at least some weeks but when the time got passed the numbers starts to be more accurate.


BF 2012 is more accurate today than BF 2013.

And for a estimate site the number are good for hardware but not so much for software.

The wrong are the people that thinks in VGC like a tracker site... it is not... it is a estimate site.

The numbers here are accurate when you consider weekly sales.  It's just that being off by a little bit weekly makes numbers really off down the line.

They were a little rude about the matter but it's still a half truth. VGChartz has estimates and they ARE always wrong which is why they adjust and adjust and adjust until actual numbers come out.