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Forums - Gaming Discussion - GTA V City Of Paradise. A DLC Or A Handheld Game ? Real Or Fake ?

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Let's hope it will be a vita game :)

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This better be a DLC,the character story need to be developed even more as i felt they are rush

If it is real i also hope it is a vita game. Would be really nice :)


I find it hard to believe they would create a whole new city for GTA V DLC. It is a really ambitious undertaking to craft a city with the level of detail of Los Santos. And there are a lot of areas on the GTA V map that were unused during the campaign (like the prison) so we could see our characters visit there in story DLC.

Then again, Rockstar did say they want to keep expanding the GTA Online map to include other locales in the GTA universe. Who knows what "City of Paradise" could be, if it even ends up being real? There have been countless fakes like this in the past. They always come with their share of blurry images too.

No way if it is real will it be for Vita. It'll be DLC, like TBoGT.

Id like to see some more Las Venturas in HD though.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

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Please dear god let it be PS Vita game.

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Kawaiix33 said:
Busted said:
All i need is San Andreas stories...

Why ? Is san andreas story that really good ? Other might disagree with me but i think GTA IV has the best story among other GTA game.Beside we had franklin,he like cj 2.0 to me

GTA IV story is probably the strongest. But San Andreas is still, by far, the best GTA ever made. The world is simply much better than GTA V (GTA IV world is horrible).

OMG! This would be so amazing as DLC :|


Of course the next DLC will be set in Las Venturas.

Why put "Handheld" in the thread title when the article talks about DLC and 8th gen home consoles?