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    "Microsoft will vanish in 5 or 10 years, Facebook in 3" explains FSF President.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 01 December 2018

    Five years later... Microsoft surpasses Apple to become most valuable company in the world. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/11/30/microsoft-apple-end-trading-market-cap.html...

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    Supreme Court Upholds Trump's Travel Ban on Mostly Muslim Countries

    in Politics Discussion on 26 June 2018

    CaptainExplosion said: Hyper_Upgrade said: I understand that you abhor him with all your being and you've made your point clear in other posts as well.  My question is what do you hope to gain by going there? It is a lazy argument that lacks historical context, it will not convince someone who voted for Trump that they made a mistake by demonizing him, and it belittles the...

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    PS4: GOW Exceeded 5 Million Sales In One Month

    in Sony Discussion on 25 May 2018

    Aeolus451 said: bananaking21 said: The Witcher 3, red dead, GTA and Skyrim say Hi.  Are they saying hi because they're buggy as shit? In no stretch of the imagination do they match GoW in quality (polish, being bug free). GTA V and Red Dead are two of the most polished and bug-free games you can find, especially for having massive, intricate open worlds....

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    God of War review thread - Meta: 94 OC: 95

    in Sony Discussion on 12 April 2018

    Wow, wasn’t expecting this....

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    One year later, how do you feel about Resident Evil 7?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 January 2018

    I really enjoyed it. One day I might play it again, this time in VR. I hope it doesn’t give me motion sickness....

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    Unnanounced Switch games you want?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 May 2017

    Spelunky Spelunky Spelunky Spelunky Spelunky...

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    Trump pushes Montenegrin Prime Minister

    in Politics Discussion on 26 May 2017

    Even the guy Trump "pushed" wasn't offended. He told reporters: "This was an inoffensive situation. I do not see it in any other way." ...

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    Best Switch games besides Zelda and MK8

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 May 2017

    Puyo Puyo Tetris...

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    At what point are Impeachment proceedings going to be started with Trump?

    in Politics Discussion on 13 May 2017

    Even if he was impeached, there's no way he would be removed from office. Unless you really think, 2/3 of the Senate would vote to convict him. ...

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    2017 French Election (Macron Wins 66%)

    in Politics Discussion on 07 May 2017

    France is screwed. ...

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    100 Days of Trump -- A Review

    in Politics Discussion on 30 April 2017

    Okay? I voted for Trump and I'm happy with him....

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    Is anybody even kinda sorta thinking about getting Puyo Puyo Tetris?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 April 2017

    I'm satisfied with the demo. ...

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    Project Scorpio Official Thread: New Video On Forza

    in Microsoft Discussion on 06 April 2017

    Dark_Feanor said: Angelus said: WTF?! Is this real? Where did you find this? I bet it was on April 1th. http://klauspillon.deviantart.com/art/European-Medieval-Village-554563298   April fools!...

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    PS4 exclusives: 1 picture to help you understand the variety and quantity of "Greatness"

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 December 2016

    Nothing of interest below the third row....

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    Hypothesis about Trump and his daughter

    in Politics Discussion on 28 August 2016

    Hiku said: RolStoppable said: I am wondering the same thing. The statement about dating his own daughter if she wasn't his daughter is an explicitly hypothetical scenario. Implying that she could pose for Playboy if she wanted to isn't anything bad either. Would it have been more appropriate to say that he doesn't think that his daughter is attractive and that she would be better...

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    Konami announce Metal Gear Survive for PS4/XB1/PC; four-player co-op

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 August 2016

    Wow, those characters look generic as hell. Everything looks generic as hell....

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    If Trump is a successful President, will you vote for him next time?

    in Politics Discussion on 07 June 2016

    DraconianAC said: He won't be elected at all. He won't even run for president....

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    How many games did you beat in 2015?

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 January 2016

    Wolfenstein: The New OrderMiddle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Resident Evil HD REmake The Order: 1886 (ugh) Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Bloodborne Batman: Arkham Knight The Evil Within Until Dawn Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Wish I would have finished The Witcher III: Wild Hunt and Fallout 4....

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    PS4 vs XB1 in 2016? Voting: PS4 wins 6:1

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 January 2016

    Games I care about on PS4 list: Horizon: Zero Dawn Uncharted 4 The Last Guardian The Tomorrow Children No Man's Sky The Witness Games I care about on Xbox One list: Gears of War 4 Quantum Break Crackdown 3 (Beta) Forza horizon 3 ← Probably Sea of Thieves Cuphead...

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    And Eurogamer's GOTY is...

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 January 2016

    Way to go, From Software! Now Bloodborne only needs 134 more GOTY awards to catch up to The Witcher III. http://gotypicks.blogspot.com/...

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