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CaptainExplosion said:
Hyper_Upgrade said:

I understand that you abhor him with all your being and you've made your point clear in other posts as well. 

My question is what do you hope to gain by going there? It is a lazy argument that lacks historical context, it will not convince someone who voted for Trump that they made a mistake by demonizing him, and it belittles the seriousness of the actual conversation this OP is trying to have. Immigration has more nuance than the racists vs open borders fringes. 

I don't care if you hate Trump or me for voting for him, but you are doing a disservice to your own cause. Argue the merits (or lack of) of his ideas. Not the man himself lest you fall under his trap. Trump specifically and intentionally says outrageous things to get an overreaction from the other side. 


I'm not looking to gain anything from it, I'm just saying it because of the disturbing similarities between Trump and Hitler. He's even stealing people's children and locking them up in what amount to concentration camps, all while letting his fellow rich scumbags profit off the suffering of the occupants.

Besides, demonizing Trump isn't very hard anymore, since he's repeatedly shown how much like Hitler he actually is. Not to mention how his "presidency" is making a mockery of values the American people hold dear. It's no coincidence that America's most notable problems (gun violence, racial tensions and foreign relations issues) have worsened under Trump.

Are you non-ironically comparing Hitler's death camps where innocent people were starved, brutally tortured, experimented upon, and gassed to death, to the HHS facilities for children whose parents are facing criminal charges for breaking the law? In contrast to Hitler's camps, where children had their heads shaved, teeth pulled out, and were starved for months, wallowing in their own excrement, the HHS camps have medical services, education, and AC. Instead of being forced to eat their own feces and then lick up their vomit, the children in these US "concentration camps" get to eat burgers and play soccer. It's almost as if the children are infinitely safer in HHS custody than they would have been in Nazi Germany, or than they were while being smuggled thousands of miles from South America, across treacherous terrain while facing the danger of trafficking and rape.