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Its a hit! 67 50.00%
Flop! 42 31.34%
Mega Flop! 24 17.91%

I was excited about this game up until launch when I realized I had to download yet another client (already have Steam and Origin) to play the game. I protested against it and never looked back.

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Pemalite said:
Well. Considering that it is going to be available on 4 different platforms with combined sales that doesn't even touch half the PC's sales... I would say it is a flop on consoles if you look at it from an overall perspective.

However financially it wouldn't have been a flop.
All the work was already done for just the PC version to make it easily translatable to the console platforms when it was in development, including dumbed down gameplay and poor graphics.
I.E. Limited customization of characters, automatic health pick-ups, environments no longer randomized. - Not to mention the lack of Eyefinity support or Direct X 11 effects. (Don't get me started on the brighter and more colourful world either.)

Yeah... You can't seriously attribute the gameplay and graphics to a console version of the game considering:

a) the game plays differently on PC and consoles, there is even an extra move on the consoles;

b) this is Blizzard. Must I really remind you that Diablo 2 was sporting a massive resolution of 640x480 and 65k colours? Both these numbers were laughable at the time of its release. That's just how Blizzard rolls, they want their games to be playable on as many PCs as possible, it has nothing to do with consoles.

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Played the game on pc, it was absolute shit. Diablo 3 was a huge disappointment and the console release is just blizzards way of expanding into a market that doesn't expect much from them. Sales are ok, the game was never going to to well considering it's terrible quality.

an old pc port with 10years of zero-console history sold more than 1 mio and you call it a flop


I've wanted to pick it up but the price has not dropped and the PC version was so bad.

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J_Allard said:
I've wanted to pick it up but the price has not dropped and the PC version was so bad.

Better wait for the X1/PS4 version. Has more content and of course better visuals.

eh really late port. Don't think you could expect much more. They will still end the year with almost 700k+ sales and lifetime might still be 1m each, so they were surely worth it.
Also there's still the upcoming PS4 and (possible/likely) Xbox One versions.

It never was going to sell like it would on PC, but it sold alright considering that. I'm not sure if i want to play it though

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I'd go with Mega Flop cuz we all know Mega evolutions are better.


J_Allard said:
I've wanted to pick it up but the price has not dropped and the PC version was so bad.

Same here. Really interested in playing some local co-op but the asking price is still too high.