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Just tuning in - saw Tomb Raider trailer... tell me that wasn't the first "big reveal".

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Will there be a REAL show with a stage, or this is how is it gonna be till the end? WHERE IS THE GLAMOUR???

tbone51 said:

Soooooooooo..... How is everybody doing :-/

i'm good bro (other than this shitty show), hbu?

Me gusta queso 

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There you go console gamers, the last gen pc copy  next gen copy of tomb raider you always wanted. Experince the generic adventure in true hd. 

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tbone51 said:

Soooooooooo..... How is everybody doing :-/


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This is absolutely terrible...Spike TV hates gamers and seems to think we're all sad, pathetic neckbeards with cheetos stained fingers.

Seriously, fuck you Spike TV.

And Joel McHale has never been so stiff and boring live. He's great in community, but he's TERRIBLE live!

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Reggie next...? Now HE IS funny!

I'm not really here!

End this fucking interview already!

Couldn't they've put Kyle Bosman on the side of Geoff Keighley or something? And cut that Youtuber bullshit out? This whole thing is so cringeworthy.

The woman has such a sexy voice. *_*