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Carl2291 said:
Conegamer said:
Oh, a Tomb Raider expansion pack for next gen then? I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllly hope this isn't a trend. This isn't what next gen should be.

Its not an expansion.

Think Wind Waker HD, but over the span of 12 Months.

Its SE milking it a tad more because they were upset with how the game sold, despite the game selling better than any TR game since the originals on PS. If this releases at full price then Im pretty sure many people will tell SE to go fuck themselves.

I thought it added in all the DLC for free? But it does seem like a bit of a ripoff after such a short period of time, and it's not showing off the best of the system. Also, they miled that interview as well, the "voice of Lara Croft" added nothing.

Also, WTF? ACIV winning over GTA, Tomb Raider AND TLoU? I call BS.


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AC4, for best Action Adventure. HAHA


Are you kidding me, assassins creed, best action/advernture?

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LMAO. Rigged.

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LOL at the people thinking TLOU would sweep.

Oh fudge, here's Reggie and DK. :/

LOL It's donkey kong.

What a disappointment.


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LMAO it's donkey kong hahahahahahahaha