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Forums - Gaming Discussion - IGN Reviews: PS4 vs Xbox One

How does the Ouya compare?

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JoeTheBro said:
Two different people reviewed them, so it's wrong to compare the two like this.

Yes, but you read into the disapointments. Many of the cons are looked at from the competition offerings.

But for me, I think they are compaible as the XBONE reviewer couldn't put it in the "great" range. He was only willing to call the offerings "good". With a new console there is tons to be excited about, it seems that he couldn't get behind the ideals from the console experience. I believe while you can't compare scores to one another, I do think you can to the "range". And it seems that MS didn't deliver more of what it promised, and lying about others that made this reviewer feel a little sick.

Slightly under powered? Hardware underutilized? Taaaah!!!

Maybe it's just me being an old git. But I don't see the point in listing, "Lack of features" as a downside.


Funny to look at the revoew page and see "Sponsored by Microsoft" at the top.

I am the Playstation Avenger.


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Under utilized vs Underpowered

Gap is gon get widened

Turkish said:
Under utilized vs Underpowered

Gap is gon get widened

Everybody knows the GAP will increase

Logico15 said:
But IGN is sponsored by Microsoft! The internet told me D:!

I didn't know IGN was Polygon

It might be the same site, but it's two different reviewers. You can't compare them this way.

Yeah, the Ps3 was powerful than the 360 too. What's the problem?