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Forums - Sony Discussion - Gran Turismo 7 is coming in 2014

Prologue people. Prologue. There is no other way they can get GT7 out in a Year.


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He neither said GT7, nor did he confirm it for 2014. He said 2014 best case scenario, and we all know that won't happen. But maybe they'll have a prologue ready and then GT7 in 2015. Makes Selnor's constant "Next GT in 2022" posts look funny.

2015 is much more probable.

GT7 prologue

It would be absolute killer for Sony to get both Uncharted 4 and GT7 Prologue next year, in addition to perhaps MM's game.

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I think the real best case scenario is 2015.

tiffac said:
Just do GT6 Epilogue on the PS4 because Prologue has already been used before. XD

That would be a great idea, just to get a slightly enahnced version out

Maybe its for the Vita.

Please god yes gimmi Gt7 next year.

Just make sure Thrustmaster GT5 wheel work on PS4 please.

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