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Forums - Sony Discussion - Gran Turismo 7 is coming in 2014

He said that's what they would like, but I really hope they wait until 2015.

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Prediction: Gran Turismo 7 PS4 is released in 2019

Haven't they said that GT 7 will basically be a PS4 port of GT6? In that case, I think its fine

well that will cut the legs on GT6 pretty severely.

He said best case scenario. Meaning we wont see it until 2016

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LOL No way! Its most definitly gonna get delayed another year or two.

No way it takes them as long into life cycle to release as gt5 took. It will look more like when 3 was released for ps2. So my bet is on q2 2015.

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Right...Prolouge in 2015 and complete in holiday 2016 seems more likely.

Just do GT6 Epilogue on the PS4 because Prologue has already been used before. XD

Meh, might just be an upgraded port of GT6. Creating a full fledged sequel that quickly isn't the smartest idea for a franchise like Gran Turismo. It's not CoD where 90% of its sales come in the first month, GT games sell for a very long time. Hell Gran Turismo 4 is still selling.

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