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TheLastStarFighter said:
Zero999 said:

you're missing batman, AC4, watch dogs and call of retrocess as 2013 multiplatforms.

but anyway, 2014 already have huge hitters announced + many unannounced titles. it will easily beat 2013 lineup. also, shin megami tensei vs fire emblem.

Why does everyone - even Nintendo fans - seem to pretend that this fall's major multiplats aren't coming to Wii U?

I was emphasizing games I thought would be notable system sellers, rather than every title under the sun. I'm personally planning on picking Batman Arkham Origins and Watch Dogs as soon as possible, but considering the sales of AC3 and Arkham City on the Wii U, I didn't feel like they'd sell enough to be considered "big" games.

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The issue with that logic is that all of those together is a system seller, people need to show the whole line ups, thinking in that manner will mean the WiiU's multiplats are forever deemed into irrelevancy in the mind of the consumer when that shouldnt be the case

^ Was about to say the exact say thing. ^

I think the first four games on that list demolish this years:
Smash Brothers
Mario Kart

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We'll have to wait and see. Sure there are more announcements in the future.

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Worst?! They haven't even announce their 2014 lineup yet.

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Because all 2014 games are announced already!

2014 is already better than 2013


It's as if Nintendo delayed DKC:TF in respsonse to this thread...

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Heh. You so funny!

Seriously though. If Mario Kart and Smash Brothers were the ONLY two games released in the entire year of 2014 that would be enough to sell systems alone.

It's just that simple.