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My Favs:Link, Samus, Captain Falcon and Fox
Least: Ice Climbers

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WOW, on the front page it looks like this thread is duplicated.
Well, since this is the longer one.......
My favorite Nintendo Characters are Mario, Link, Samus, and Kirby.

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My favorite character is Samus. My most hated is Waluigi.

My favourite character is Luigi. My least favourite is Toad or whatever his name is.

Male: Link

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i wrote this in another thread so i guess i'll just copy and paste across...

it has to be link! if i was gona choose a certain link it would be grown up link from OoT or link from TP... actually i might go with the link from TP, he looks more badass!

and why does everyone like luigi, i actually think hes a useless character. nintendo needs to give him some balls! luigis haunted mansion? i hated that game

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Fave - Mario/Samus/Zelda
Least - Boswer Jr, Diddy & Dixie Kong, Ice Climbers

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Fav: Shy guy, Wario, LInk
Hated: All those generic characters for MArio pArty 8

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Yohie, by far.

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