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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Whats your favorite Nintendo character?

1. Captain Falcon: "FAL-CON PUUUNCH!" "SHOW ME YOUR MOVES!" Need I say more?
2. Ganondorf: He's just so Bad Ass
3. Princess Ruto: Because she's needlessly hot and naked 24/7
4. Bowser: Because its Bowser
5. Zelda/Sheik: Because a chick who can turn into a male and back has the best of both worlds.

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^Who is Princess Ruto? Never heard of her




Most liked: Link - I like sordz
Most hated: Can't decide!

Princess Ruto

What?! No kirby love so far? He forgives you.




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Diddy Kong , Kirby , Luigi ,Samus , Link.

Yeah, fishwomen just don't do it for me.

Favorite(s) Mario, Link, and Samus. Wonder, courage, and bad-ass.
I don't really have a most hated. Some seem kind of unnecessary such as WaLuigi though.

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Favorite: Mario and then Link

Hated: Waluigi

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i like kirby and diddy too!! ^_^

Samus; I've been playing Metroid games since I was like 6. Probably my oldest loved series.

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