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Samus is awesome.

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Fav: Toadette
Least: Daisy (oh, the irony)

eab said:

What?! No kirby love so far? He forgives you.




 I'll go with Kirby too  :D

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I have to stick with Samus over everyone else. No other character gets close to her badassedness, especially in the newer games.

I hate a lot of characters but Waluigi has ALWAYS annoyed the hell out of me. Wario is right up there. Any pokemon past 152 for me, I loved Mew. Diddy Kong annoys me, which is weird since I never played any games that had him (thought it was a girl until the Dojo called her a he).

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Samus Aran is my favorite.

Jake from Advance Wars DS is my least favorite. He was WAY too L337 for my tastes.

mZuzek loves Smeags. 😢

Luigi, that guy is always overlooked >_

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Samus Aran is my personal favourite.... She's so swell! (girly sigh)

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Mario. He's the man. His series is the pinnacle of video games, he's a versatile that can fit into almost any genre, and when he does the spinoff is often one of quality. Mario is just number other Nintendo character can touch his status.

Fav: Samus
Worst: Wario