Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Whats your favorite Nintendo character?

Fav: Between Mario and Samus
Worst: Link

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Luigi is awesome too...
ITs always mario who gets all the attention and its not fair to luigi!!!

My roommate rented Mario/Sonic Olympics and I kept picking Bowser and Yoshi...

So I guess my favorite characters are Bowser and Yoshi

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The King in the Zelda series for the CD-I >_>;

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Favs: Samus,

I really dont like mario... am I the only one?

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I don't like yoshi!!!!!!! diddy is way better!!!!1!!!!!

Probably Link and Ganon. But I really like Baby Bowser and Boo too.

I've got the touch!!

LISMDK said:
My favorite is Link. I hate the Ice Climbers.

 HOW RUDE!!!! the ice climbers are cool!!

i mean who could hate two little 12 yr. old boys and girls that have learned to live in the cold artic?!


link is okay but toon link is better!!! 

Toon link then Yoshi I also like luigi.

I can't believe it. 3 pages without Ness. Incredible. No wonder Nintendo doesn't want to release the Earthbound games in the West.

Well Ness is my man followed by Yoshi.

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