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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Am I the only one not getting GTA V...ever?

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Over this past year, the only game people have seemed to talk about extensively is GTA V, and I find myself wondering why people had already acclaimed it to be the "Game of the Decade" or the best game of this gen.

To be brutally honest, I'm not a big fan of GTA. I fail to find even the slightest amount of enjoyment out of any of the titles, and when I do find enjoyment, it's usually because I'm using cheat codes and breaking the game, and even that wears off after a few good minutes. Mind you, I have beaten 5 of the titles. Vice City, San Andreas, Vice City Stores, Liberty City Stories, and IV. I also have GTA III but find it extremely bland, much like the other titles.

In my opinion, all the GTA games are bleak, repetitive, and boring. You can crucify me all you want, but I fail to see the appeal of them. They fail to capture that unique open world essence, and that's why I prefer Red Dead and Bully over GTA, GTA just fails to have that unique gimmick that every open world game has nowadays. That's why I'm looking more forward to Watch Dogs and Infamous Second Son rather than this proclaimed "Game of the Decade."

I have seen the reviews for GTA V and they are what I expected. almost all 10's and 9's and I sit here wondering how the games get above an 8. Thats exactly how I felt about GTA IV.

When I tell people I'm not getting GTA V, they respond with "You're just jealous cause it's not coming to Wii U." Which doesn't make sense at all because I own a 360 and I could play it if I truely wanted to. I'd rather spend my money on Wonderful 101 or Rayman Legends this month, not GTA V.

I don't know if you see where I'm going with this, but the point I'm trying to make is that I feel incredibly left out just because I'm not getting a game that everyone is getting just because it doesn't suit my gaming taste.

I guess my question to you is, are you getting GTA V and why?

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Of course most on here will be getting it. I will not buy it. Probably will rent it on Redbox though. Since I work at Walmart I should have a good chance of getting it at midnight.

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GTA in my opinion is one of those games you should skip a generation, then play the next generation. The formula does get stale but if you haven't played in a long while, or have never played a GTA it's really addicting. I skipped 4 because I played the heck out of San Andreas. I'll probably be picking this one up.

You are going to crack under the pressure of your friends at school.. While they are playing GTAV you say: but i got Rayman Legend... Yeah you are going to be so beat up because of that.. Good luck to you!


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Don't worry, I get the same reaction when I tell people I'm not getting COD: Starting Bart the Kung Fu Ninja German Shepard.

OT: I'm definitely getting GTA V. In fact, I'll be leaving in a couple hours to wait in line with all the other nerds for the midnight release.

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I wont get it day 1 - more than likely double dip on PS3 and PC.

PS3 if it goes down in price on sale on Black Friday this year and whenever the PC version (and its DLC it will have in the future) come in altogether.


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NiKKoM said:
You are going to crack under the pressure of your friends at school.. While they are playing GTAV you say: but i got Rayman Legend... Yeah you are going to be so beat up because of that.. Good luck to you!

At my school you don't talk about video games period. Even if it's a popular game, you save those conversations for Xbox Live parties and phone calls and messages. Plus, everyone at my school knows that I own a Wii U and I'm an all around gamer and they don't care at all lol.

I doubt it, or else they're looking at 160 million copies sold just between 360 and PS3.

I'm betting there are about 130 or so million of you out there not getting it. 30 million sales between the two platforms sounds about right.

I'm hoping it comes for the ps4 and if it does then def day 1. It will be glorious!

Yes. I'm just back from a midnight opening at Tesco and there was like 500 people there :o