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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Am I the only one not getting GTA V...ever?

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im not getting now, but i dont discart to get in the future.
For me, GTA is a casual game. I only play to fell a freedom, rob cars, drive like a crazy, kill people, escape from police while im getting more stars.
Missions, story, never get excited about these things in GTA.
So i only would buy if i find it for a good price eventually, or for rent or if a friend lend me.

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For me, GTA is about some guilty pleasures. Putting cheats to get armed to the teeth and causing super havoc around the city is fun. It's not fun everyday, just when you have that mood.

GTA multiplayer is A LOT of fun. Me and my cousins get into a game doing really crazy stuff against other people or just play run from the cops at 4+ Stars and see how long we can hold out.

Multiplayer might not do anything for you, unless you know the people you're playing with and are in a party chat. Things can be hilariously fun.

I don't think I'll ever get it here either. I played 15 minutes of San Andreas and it didn't click with me so the series leaves me cold.

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I'm getting it but I'm not hyped at all. GTA 4 was just such a big dissapointment. With RDR they redeemed themselves but I still have fears.

I'm going to wait for a price drop. The good thing about GTA V is it looks infinitely better than IV.

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Nope. Never cared for the GTA games. pointless and stupid.

Marks said:
I doubt it, or else they're looking at 160 million copies sold just between 360 and PS3.

I'm betting there are about 130 or so million of you out there not getting it. 30 million sales between the two platforms sounds about right.

Damn you!! I was gonna say that.

You're too young to play it anyway.

No you're not. I've never bought one and I'll never do it. The fact that it's not on Nintendo console doesn't help though lol...

I was gonna get it for free by game sharing but... my friend already shared it with someone else (he had a pre order). I just didn't bother asking as I don't really like the game that much.

I can play it to fool around a little but I prefer to spend money on other games. Grand theft auto is overrated... way too much. The only one I can stand is Vice City! That one was the pinnacle of the series for me.

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