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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Am I the only one not getting GTA V...ever?

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Pretty much

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If they don't bring it to a platform i own (PC couldn't run it), how could i buy it?

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Well, I can't get it.

But if I could, I wouldn't because I already have San Andreas and Liberty City (PS2) and that feeds my hunger for open world games. I tried GTA IV and I got bored super fast, I don't like AC series. I'll get Watchdogs, but I don't love open world games.

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Never really cared for GTA. It's an "action" genre game, and therefore doesn't appeal to me in the slightest, even if it is the best the genre has to offer.

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Nope. I'm not either. Games centered around sex, gang violence, and breaking as many laws as possible don't appeal to me.

"They fail to capture that unique open world essence"

I really have to disagree with this, GTA is the only game that does this for me.

It's fine to have your own opinion though, at least you explained your reasons and you weren't a dick about it.

I won't be, I've played it all before and I'm not paying to buy and play exactly the same game, renamed and set in another location, It's just boring!
I can see why they keep pumping sequals out, the gaming industry has run out of original ideas that sell and people will always lap up the same old unoriginal shit .
You've only got to look at the game chart and see the number or different subtitle after the games main title to realise that.

The only GTA game I played was the first one on PC when I was young and immature. I don't find senseless slaughtering that entertaining and certainly not when it's a de facto crime simulator.

But it is sucky when all you hear about is GTA hype. It's like being a jew on christmas eve, single on valentine's day, etc.

Rockstar is an overrated game developer.

I've never liked any of the GTA games I've played. I've never beaten any of them, mostly because they've always bored me after I've played for awhile, but also because I dislike the characters. I find it hard to play characters that I would despise in real life.

I might get GTA 5 at some point, if it's cheap enough, but I might just skip it entirely. I have almost zero enthusiasm for it. Saint's Row 5, however, I'm looking forward to.

Some of these reviews have been pretty amusing, though. "I didn't like this, this, and this, but here is a perfect score!"