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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Am I the only one not getting GTA V...ever?

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GTA is a franchise that's cool for a short while...kill civilians, use cheat codes for infinite ammo, jump off an helicopter, get chased by the police, etc. After a while it gets boring, that's why I never owned a GTA game and always play on a friend's house.

Edit: well I do own Chinatown wars for the DS, but that was gift and I never finished the game.

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Not getting it. Can't stand most sand box games... I'm too ADD and lose focus. Never liked GTA, though I bought 3 and Vice City and played them a decent amount. Very over rated series IMO, but I can see the appeal.

Yep only one.

played GTA on PS2. People say they are the best on the series. It didn't click on me, to abusive, racist comments, too crazy for a person in their own mind. Never smiled at least once when playing it.
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Dulfite said:
Areym said:

I'll tell ya one thing, you would get a ton of more bang for your buck if you got GTAV over TW101 and RL. Ten fold.

EDIT: Wait, you played through all 5 GTA games and you're not a fan? 5th time's the charm or do you get off on finishing games you don't enjoy?

Not me. 101 is a incredibly unique looking game whereas GTAV is simply another openworld kill people and have sex with prostitutes game. I was sick of it with Age of Conan and I'll never NOT be sick of those games. 101 is charmful looking and not inappropriate. Not to mention 101 looks like it's gonna be one of those games that you replay over and over again years down the road.

No, no it really isn't. There is so many things to do, those two things are some of the least important.

101 looks damn sweet and is quite charming, i don't argue that at all. However, GTAV will give you way more content, including GTA Online. That's just a fact.

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shakarak said:
GTA in my opinion is one of those games you should skip a generation, then play the next generation. The formula does get stale but if you haven't played in a long while, or have never played a GTA it's really addicting. I skipped 4 because I played the heck out of San Andreas. I'll probably be picking this one up.

This. I've dabbled in multiplayer on PC with GTA 4 but never played anymore than... 3 hours combined. I haven't seriously sat down and played a GTA since Vice City and San Andreas.

Day 1? Nope ... eventually yes. I lack the time and I'd prefer to either get the GOTY ed or PS4 ver.


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I also won't be picking up the title. I own a PS3, so nothing is stopping me, but I have such a big backlog of games that I would rather play those instead. However, I have never played GTA in any form, so its quality is something that I cannot assess. I'm sure it is a fun game, but I just have no excitement for it.

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I probably won't be getting it, never was my thing.

Nah..I never liked the series... and even if I did.. I am about to be very busy with Batman, Pokemon, Zelda WW HD, and Mario 3D World.. so yeah my gaming schedule (When you combine that and I am still playing Rumble U) is going to be really busy... What little game time I have.. :(

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