Nah..I never liked the series... and even if I did.. I am about to be very busy with Batman, Pokemon, Zelda WW HD, and Mario 3D World.. so yeah my gaming schedule (When you combine that and I am still playing Rumble U) is going to be really busy... What little game time I have.. :(

Nintendo Wii by generations...

1. Wii

2. Wii U

3. Wii O U

Predictions made by gamers concerning the current Nintendo line up of games.

Pikmen 3= Little Bump to nothing. (Got Little Bump)

Wind Waker HD= Won't sell anything (The explosion happened here and at one time 4 Wii U games was in the Amazon top 100)

Super Mario 3D World= Won't help at all looks cheap. (Currently the most sought after Wii U game and continuing the Wii U increase.)